About us


From a simple website stating advice on how to improve your game to one that is gaining thousands of unique visitors each month. We continue to provide guides, advice and products to improve your game.

Our Team At Optimus Golfers

Paul and Daniel are the main authors at Optimus Golfers but our team features many other that help with the research and testing of products. Golf is not a sport that you can simply walk into as you need the right gear and advice. This is our main goal and we believe we have achieved this with rich content and quality that those that love the game like we do will find very useful. If you don’t think we have, let us know!

Where It All Began

Starting from October 2018, our team have been researching the latest products and providing expert knowledge of the beautiful game of golf. We now have over 10,000+ unique users each month and growing.

We have content advising you on the game, clubs in your golf bag, clothes to wear whilst playing the game, training tools and other equipment. As we are attempting to be the leading golfing website, our aim is to have covered every single topic in detail and to the best quality for golf enthusiasts.