Basic Golf Cart Etiquette (What You Should Know Before Golf Cart Driving)

Basic golf cart etiquette is essential both for golf courses, beach, or neighborhood pool. This golf cart ethics is basically organized to ensure your safety. If you follow the golf cart etiquette, it will protect the turf in the fairways.

It is mandatory to find out the particular cart rules while you pay green fees. Well, this is the key to being a good golf cart driver. 

The golf cart is one of the premium transportation choices. Before starting into the cart, it’s mandatory to learn the golf cart etiquette both on or off the golf course. Dive into the article to explore golf ethics to derive a safe ride. I will share some secret golf driving tips to make your ride smooth.

Common Golf Cart Etiquette on the Course

Golf Cart Etiquette on the Course

  • Cart Protection

When you decide to use a golf cart, check the frequent warnings that write in popular golf carts to keep you safe. For example, the highest two passengers in a cart & also ensure your arms & legs remain inside the cart. Some golf courses are clearly declared extra cart driving rules for user comforts. 

It is standard to ensure that the passenger is seated comfortably before starting acceleration. Also, pay extra attention while driving nearby the clubhouse & intersection area. In the time of golf push cart driving, drinking is strictly prohibited.

  • Steering Rules

Before starting your ride, it is essential to clean your golf cart on the course. You should place your cart far from the tee boxes. It is essential to maintain a minimum of 30 feet distance from greens.

You will find a warning board near the green area with the message “No carts beyond this point.” That is the ideal place to keep your cart. You should also avoid water hazards, buyers & mounds while driving a golf cart. As a result, you will be able to protect your golf cart from water damage or mounds & bunkers. Standard golf courses allow golf carts only on the fairway of a par-4hole.

  • Turf Care

Well, turf grass may harm by your sudden stopping or bitter turns with high speed. So you must avoid sharp turns, high speed & sudden stopping. Also, it needs to be followed while driving through wet or muddy & grass. Besides, it is standard to maintain cart distance from grass or wild areas to protect the cart. Guess what it is the key to derive a smooth ride & make fun.

  • Golf Cart Safety Policy

It is essential to maintain distance from other golf carts to ensure your safety. Also, it is courtesy to avoid forward or back up driving if any cart player plays the ball. Also you should follow the below rules for other golfers.

  • Also, pay attention to non-cart user golfers.
  • For electric golf cart, checking the conditions of cart batteries is mandatory before riding the cart.
  • When facing a hole, take the cart over the side of the cart path.
  • When you are finished clearing at a particular hole, drive on to the next phase without marking the score.
  • If you need back driving, follow back drive rules.
  • Never cross hazard boundary lines.
  • Golf Cart 90-Degree Rule

Players must protect the fairway turf by staying on the cart path as much as possible. Especially in rough or wet environments, if a 90-degree rule is tough, you may ask to skip.

Well, you should carry the cart path to a particular spot that is also with your ball. Now make a right angle bent & then move straightforward the ball. It is a useful rule for all or a few holes.

  • Cart Path

On some days of your golf course may require only the golf cart path. So you should position the cart on the particular path with off grass surfaces. Also, take the cart to an even ball-point & drive to the ball. This rule helps to avoid fairway grass. It is effective for some holes.

  • Back Driving

There is some courtesy rule while driving a golf cart around the back. It is traditional to drive the cart around the back group before entering scores.  As a result, the next group won’t need to wait while you clean the area.

  • Maintain Road Rules

It is mandatory to follow the standard vehicle rules while driving golf cart. If you don’t have a driving license, you must be at least age above 14 for many cities.

Final Thought

Golf cart riding is a fun & comfy way to roam. But if you don’t follow basic golf cart etiquette on course, it may ruin your fun drive. Also, your unconsciousness may cause damage to other vehicles or life. Isn’t it horrible to destroy someone’s days? 

Learning golf cart etiquette is not only for your protection but also for your social responsibilities. Follow the above tips & standard rules to ensure a safe drive. I hope you can derive the best fun golf cart driving if you follow this guide.