10 Best Golf Drivers Reviews 2021 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Today, we are going to present some of the best golf drivers out there in the market. All of them with different features that meet different needs and desires of golfers, Our golf drivers reviews helps to choose the one you prefer.

With technology advancing at a rampant pace and changing many of our traditional and popular customs, it is not surprising that it eventually touched one of the most prestigious sports in the world – golf.

Best Golf Drivers

So what we discuss about best golf drivers for golf? The Focus point is:

driver in golf

The driver in golf belongs to the woods category of golf club and its referred to as the 1-Wood. The wood, known as the driver in golf or one wood, is often made of hollowed out titanium with feather-light shafts.

drivers for golf

Mainly, when we talk about the drivers for golf, the golf club used to hit the ball when teeing off; we can see several changes and updates that make golfing undoubtedly different.

The size, the angle, composition, speed, weight, and even the small technological factors – all of them have a significant effect on how the driver performs.

And of course, it is essential to know why, what, and how to buy the right golf driver. So here we are going to help you with that and more. Take a look further and find out everything you need to know!

Why You Need the Best Drivers for Golf?

Golfing is all about stacking a ball in a hole far away. And to reach that far away hole you need something to impact the ball hard. Guess what; the driver (drivers for golf) is the club that helps do that.

Everyone who plays golf as an enthusiast or as a real hardcore player knows the importance of the golf driver. But professionals know how to make good use of it and the rest of the clubs when needed.

It is amateurs and learning golfers who need an excellent golf driver the most, so they can take advantage of the first hit better.

It is also the most expensive golf club people need in their inventory. So that’s a good enough reason to say that it is essential for your golfing.

But really, what makes this item so important is the ability to reach farthest distances with better accuracy.

When you choose a driver that offers more solid yet smooth performance, the chances of getting the ball far away at first touch are higher.

In short, you want the best golf driver just because you will be able to hit the ball harder and more efficiently than with any other club.

And of course, if its quality is better in construction and design, you will obtain an even superior result when teeing off.

How Do I Select The Best Golf Drivers?

As an expert, I’ve made sure to learn as much as I can about golf drivers before making my choices.

Between my experience and overall knowledge, here’s what makes a driver better than others:


There are many materials out there to pick a golf driver, but mainly it is titanium that wins the race when it gets about quality and performance. You may also find steel and graphite very useful.


And when it is of the right size, you obtain even better results when hitting, according to your needs. The largest head size of a driver is 460 cc.


The shaft is the part of the club that bends when you hit the ball. And it matters a lot depending on who is going to use the driver. For most people, regular shaft flex is enough.


Speed and power, both features that can change how far and accurate your shot can be, and they differ according to the heaviness of the club.

Usually, it is the light club that offers the best performance, but it all depends on the desired result.


The length is also necessary when it comes to accuracy and comfort when shooting. A driver of https://www.optimusgolfers.com/how-to-hit-a-golf-ball/45 inches is the most common and most effective length.


When hitting a ball, you will do it with the head of the club. This head has different angles, and depending on the angle, you will receive different results. That angle is called the loft, and the higher it gets, the easier it is to hit the golf ball higher.

Best Golf Drivers Comparison Table

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Our Top 10 Best Golf Drivers Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide for Golf Professionals

1. Callaway Rogue Driver

Author Rating:

Want exceptional speed & distance when teeing off?

Then the Rogue Driver from Callaway is or golf drivers taylormade what you need. Without a doubt, this combination of Jailbreak Technology and the perfect loft will increase your driver performance easily.

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Using this driver means more accuracy, power, and speed – thanks to the X-Face VFT, the superior MOI, and overall construction that only a few other drivers can provide. Here are a few additional features you will enjoy:

JailBreak Effect is Outstanding

The JailBreak Technology alongside the X-Face VFT feature helps any user to achieve more speed and more considerable distances at first shot.

Merely make sure to have the right balance and swing, and your shot will surely meet your expectations with this club.

Versatile yet Durable Shaft Material

No matter the weight that better fits your needs, this driver comes with almost all of them for a more versatile experience.

From 40g Quarante up to 70g HZRDS Yellow and even 50g Synergy, plus 60g with Even Flow Blue – you will obtain excellent results for years.

Excellent Triaxial Carbon Crown

Made with the best composite in the market, the construction of the triaxial carbon crown is perfect for reaching a superior MOI that gives the true forgiveness for the most accurate yet stable shot.

Remarkable Design Entirely

Using the Boeing Aero Package design, the cutting-edge geometry and overall construction of this club allow the user to achieve more speed, airflow, and more satisfying experience.

What We Liked

  • Achieves excellent distance and accuracy due to its superb Jailbreak effect and MOI
  • High-quality construction overall: from its carbon crown to the shaft
  • The design is perfect for durability, effectiveness, and overall golfing experience
  • More options in shaft material, loft, and stiff for superior versatility

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not come with a head cover or tool, which is somehow disappointing for some users.

2. TaylorMade M4 Driver

Author Rating:

Getting the TaylorMade M4 Driver is getting an incredible club that will improve hitting accuracy while reducing side spin and refining the overall effectiveness of shots.

And of course, it offers the perfect loft for a highly consistent spin even with the hardest shots. But that’s not all.

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This driver comes with a fantastic set of features that will make hitting the ball a total pleasure. Achieve better distance, more accuracy, and increased forgiveness that no other driver can offer.

Superior TwistFace Technology Curvature

Don’t let the wrong driver affect your performance while golfing, use a club with the right curvature that promotes a better loft experience.

The TwistFace technology offers the perfect curve that will increase and decrease loft according to your needs, for a straighter shot at all times.

Great Distance Shots with Hammerhead Slot

Bringing a new industry-leading slot design, it might be able to meet all your hitting requirements completely.

From being lighter and more flexible to increase the speed of your thrust and shooting, more accuracy and distance are undoubtedly some of its advantages.

Geocoustic Technology and Adjustable Hosel

Even though it is not entirely necessary for performance, there’s no doubt an explosive sound can become essential for forgiveness when hitting the ball.

With this geocustic design, you may increase your forgiveness, especially when tweaking it along with the adjustable loft sleeve and A4 hosel for more customizable performance.

What We Liked

  • Unbeatable graphite construction and set of features make a durable yet effective club
  • Hammerhead slot and TwistFace technologies provide accurate, fairway and straight shots
  • Geocoustic technology allows you to hear the explosive and satisfying sound on each shot
  • Customize your loft with the A4 hosel and TwistFace curvature for excellent convenience

What We Didn’t

  • The solid options are somehow unreliable; you may feel like stiff is regular, x-stiff is stiff, and so on.

3. Ping G400 Driver

Author Rating:

Reaching new levels of golfing is now entirely possible with the G400 driver from Ping, the perfect club that will improve your performance while looking good and feeling home.

Thanks to a sleek design, you will be able to achieve faster shots with superior aerodynamic alongside a distance shot few other clubs can offer. 

Check Price Now on Amazon

Known as one of the best golf drivers out there, this is an option you shouldn’t overlook.

Coming with a headcover and having five different models that vary in length, stiff, and material, you will pick a driver according to your needs. And that’s because it is also the most stable and forgiveness-oriented club out there, providing the excellence you want in your game.

More Speed & Flex with Forged Face

A forged face is always more precise and flex-oriented, giving the right speed and distance shot you need.

When it comes to this forged face, the G400 is 16% better than most drivers, delivering an impact performance that increases flex and produces a satisfying sound.

Aerodynamic Streamlined Design

Alongside the bolder Turbulators and VorTec technology, the high-quality aerodynamic design is set to provide a much faster performance during ball-hitting.

This will allow you to reach new distances and heights, which are improbable with other drivers.

Accurate & Stable Tungsten Weight

Capable of achieving excellent accuracy and the most stable performance, you will also obtain a Dragonfly technology with this driver that is unbeatable.

And of course, it’s all thanks to the tungsten sole weight which allows more forgiveness for the deepest location for CG when shooting.

What We Liked

  • Remarkable forged face quality for superior speed and distances
  • Achieve faster performance alongside the streamlined design and top-notch flex
  • Accuracy, forgiveness, and stability are unmatched
  • Increases your comfort when shooting with the right construction and set of lengths

What we Didn’t

  • Does not offer enough options when it comes to material or flex for experienced golfers

4.Titleist 917 D2 Driver

Author Rating:

If you want a driver that is complete when it comes to features and excellent for your performance when playing, then the Titleist 917 D2 is an excellent choice.

Designed to deliver increased speed and distance plus a more accurate hit, you will be able to achieve the most precise start at first touch. 

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And don’t forget how customizable it is, something that will allow more versatility and convenience at the same time.

A thing that almost every buyer complies with when it comes to this drive is the forgiveness you will experience on every hit, thanks to a 460cc profile and full-pear contact. You will also get a higher launch and a great spin only seen in high-quality drivers like this.

Versatile & Convenient Variable Weights

When you consider the 917 D2 from Titleist, it’s important to know the vast array of weights you can choose from made of different materials and stiff.

This way you will achieve the perfect hit at different conditions and for different results.

Top-Notch Hosel for Better Fit

When it comes to using a driver that works, you need first to make sure that it meets your requirements.

The SureFit Hosel of the 917 from Titleist will help you change between 16 different loft settings and lie angles so you can adjust the driver for optimized performance at first touch.

Exceptional Speed Face

The face is the part of the driver that can change your performance completely, from the spinning of your thrust to your speed and even accuracy when shooting.

This driver comes with a Speed Face 2.0 that allows you get a thinner perimeter to offer a longer distance and perfect accuracy when hitting the ball.

What We Liked

  • More flexibility and versatility in weight, loft, and lie settings
  • Outstanding speed and accuracy thanks to a low thickness channel and Speed Face feature
  • Entirely well-made for more durability and better performances
  • Unmatched forgiveness, thanks to its stiff and loft

What We Didn’t

  • Fewer options when it comes to material and shaft

5. Cobra King F8 Driver

Author Rating:

Precise, innovative, versatile, adjustable, and highly reliable on the course, the Cobra King F8 is a driver that will impress anyone from beginners to pros.

With a precision face alongside a Machined designed, this driver is thin yet incredibly accurate on each hit, helping you get the ball faster with more speed. 

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But at the same time, you get fantastic Aero-Innovative Polymer trips that reduce drag and increase speed while remaining flexible on the swing.

All that with an adjustable structure, thanks to a CG-2 position and heel design which can allow any user to perform better on any condition, distance, or desired trajectory. Adding the My Fly 8 and Smart Pad, you get 8-loft settings for a more stable path and customizable performance overall.

E9 Technology for Accurate Hits

Cobra innovative E9 Technology offers a change in the pattern of most golfers, creating an elliptical hitting design that will increase overall accuracy and distance.

Alongside the Sweet Zone it produces, this E9 pattern tech is capable of promoting a much better performance starting.

High-Quality Construction Overall

The E9 technology face and the entire body are made of the highest-quality materials and overall design that increase the effectiveness of the club.

The titanium Ti-8-1-1 body, plus the forged E9 face help golfers achieve faster ball hits. While the Ultralight Carbon-Fiber crown offers the chance to get lower, more in-depth, and eventually produce better distance shots.

Convenient Dual-Roll Tech

Most drivers use the standard single roll radius, which is not the best for precise hitting.

Instead, the Cobra King F8 driver uses a dual-roll technology for the radius, creating a better hit on the top or bottom of the face, integrating better spin, distance, and eventually making it more manageable.

What We Liked

  • Excellent array of shaft materials and stiff options for a broader range of players
  • The superior precision face that achieves better speed and distance on each hit
  • Construction is incredibly reliable with titanium and carbon fiber
  • Great set of features for a more accurate and comfortable experience

What We Didn’t

  • Fewer loft variations than other drivers make it a little inconvenient

6. Wilson Staff C300 Driver

Author Rating:

Excellent for those who like to tweak their club when golfing, as well as it is incredibly convenient for anyone who loves innovative and cutting-edge features.

The Wilson Staff C300 driver is easily one of the most reliable out there, with a wide range of features such as an interchangeable head-weights and multi-fit adjustability that promote a more extensive range of usage for a variety of players.

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It is also cutting-edge, thanks to its two power holes that provide more flex which eventually translates into more precision and distance. And of course, let’s not forget about its larger Lamkin grip for superior comfort and excellent-quality materials for durability and resistance.

Feels and Looks Great

Thanks to the new Lamkin Crossline 2 grip and overall design, you will have a driver that not only delivers the perfect chance to get longer and faster hits.

Also, thanks to the new red matte and glare-reducing finish, it looks terrific.

Brilliant Distance with Power Hole Technology

It is said that the more speed you achieve with a driver, the stronger the hit will be, and thus the longer the golf ball will go. And that’s entirely true.

When you add the Power Hole technology of the Staff C300 driver from Wilson, you get a device with Urethane-filled holes and irons that increases flex and thus hitting speed for a lengthier ball-traveling distance.

Adjustability at 100%

With unusual sole weights and hosel, you get a device that can be used by practically anyone for any desired result. You get high MOI with the top-notch sole, better spin, and overall bias.

With the hosel, you can achieve the perfect accuracy with a 3A range hosel tuning tool that any tweaking-lover would love.

What We Liked

  • Outstanding tweaking options that any expert or demanding golfer will love
  • Unique looks and comfort – thanks to excellent design and grip-oriented construction
  • Helps to achieve more distance through flex-increasing Power Hole tech
  • Great flex, stiff and loft options for accurate shots

What We Didn’t

  • Fewer shaft materials options that reduce weight options for demanding users.

7.TaylorMade M3 Driver

Author Rating:

Thanks to the increased personalization and set of innovations, the TaylorMade M3 driver is a unique choice for many experts and beginners at the same time, making one of the best golf drivers in the market.

It is the perfect driver for superior distance and more straight shots.

Check Price Now on Amazon

This is all done with a face curvature and angle that corrects hits, making them more accurate and spin-resilient.

It also provides more loft when needed and less when it is necessary, increasing consistency when spinning and adhering to several golfer’s needs.

The thing that makes it stand out the most is the sole slot, which allows more adjustability and settings, especially when paired up with the Y-portion tracks for different weight choices.

Amazing Twist Face Design

Setting apart bulge & roll faces and other robot-oriented swing designs, this M3 driver comes with a Twist Face feature which allows more human-like and comfortable thrust when hitting.

This face curvature helps to achieve the right low when needed, limiting spin, and thus reducing mishits and improving precision.

Incredibly Effective Hammerhead Slot

The sole slot of the M3 comes with a Hammerhead design which means it is more flexible than others in its price range.

It also means the whole design is a lot lighter and speed-oriented, achieving the right distance when needed and reducing spin for even more accuracy.

More Adjustability and Personalization

Two of the features that make the TaylorMade M3 driver so convenient and versatile are the A4 adjustable hosel and Y-track weights for more launch options.

You can create the right trajectory for each shot with all of these amazing adjustments.

What We Liked

  • More personalization and adjustability than other options in the market
  • Great Twist Face and Hammerhead Slot features for superior performance on the course
  • Excellent loft, stiff, and shaft material options for more convenience when choosing
  • An incredible set of graphite shafts for different weights and results.

What We Didn’t

  • It may feel too expensive for most users.

8.Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

Author Rating:

Cleveland has always created the most exciting and performance-oriented clubs on the market, and with the Launcher HB, they went far beyond the expectations.

It is the perfect driver for recreational golfers. Its combination of several simple features performs outstandingly well on the course. 

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With this driver, any user will be able to achieve better shots with more forgiveness and greater distances.

The primary purpose of this Launcher HB is to provide a higher hit. And it all comes from a bonded hosel design that offers personalization and performance boosts. Incorporates weight changes for more launch options and stability, and an overall construction for superior results while playing.

HiBore Crown for Better Center of Gravity

The center of gravity is not a common sought-after feature, yet with the HiBore Crown of the Launcher HB, you may not want to overlook it.

It is perfect for a low position and a higher shot, which means not only you’ll get a faster hit but a more considerable distance. Credit goes to its spin and weight improvement.

Faster Launcher Cup-Face

A new Cup Face technology means different speed, better and more accurate hits, and eventually superior results when golfing. And guess what, that’s precisely what this cup-face offers.

Alongside an excellent Flex-Fin tech, you will obtain highly precise shots on each start without problems.

Great Comfort & Versatility

The set of adjustable features of the Cleveland Launcher HB make it one of the most versatile and comfortable-to-use driver in the market.

With a Cleveland Blue Cap grip from Lamkin, four different lofts, Graphite Miyazaki C Kua 50 construction, and three different shaft choices – there’s no doubt it will help you get different results effortlessly.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight graphite construction for better launch and forgiveness
  • High-quality design that offers comfort and much better results
  • Flex-fin and Cup Face technologies that provide more speed, distance, and precision
  • Incomparable HiBore Crown that provides the perfect center of gravity when hitting.

What We Didn’t

  • It does not offer enough options for shafts or stiff that could make it slightly inconvenient for more experienced users.

9. Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

Author Rating:

Adding the Aldila Rogue Max at 60G and 70G, the Project X HZRDUS at 50g and the Fujikura Pro Green at 60g, the Great Big Bertha driver seems like a perfect choice for those looking for variable shaft options.

Not only does it offer the ability to choose different shaft materials, but it also allows users to change the weight no matter what they use, from 2g to 12g. 

Check Price Now on Amazon

This helps to adjust the launch angle according to the hit’s needs and the spin-rate for achieving desirable results efficiently.

But none of this would be beneficial without the streamlined head, which increases speed and thanks to a Direct Input, it gives better airflow to the swing and thus more distance to the hit. When you pair this up with the premium shaft materials and weight-changing ability, you get a stable, comfortable, accurate, and fast driver.

More Spin & Trajectory Adjustability

Want to achieve a higher MOI and eventually get the right trajectory to your ball after hitting it?

Then the spin control of the two interchangeable weights alongside the high-quality shaft will allow you to do that quickly. And let’s not forget how useful it is to increase your launch distance at first touch.

Well-Made Head for More Speed

The speed is maybe between the three most important factors of a competent driver.

With the Speed Step technology that offers aerospace features to the design, you will have an improved airflow that will provide you the right speed for better distances and hit accuracy.

Unbeatable Construction for Performance

You have the Exo-Cage made of titanium with cutting-edge design, the Ultra-Light Triaxial Carbon crown, and the fantastic sole, all of them composing a masterful club.

The Big Bertha is capable of delivering the best weighing in the market, alongside the highest-quality forgiveness and the most performance-oriented CG that no other driver can offer.

What We Liked

  • Extraordinarily versatile and convenient design: more weight & material options
  • Achieves more speed with a high-quality head, the crown, and exo-cage
  • Allows users to modify desired spin and trajectory for improved results
  • It offers a more human-like swing pattern thanks to Direct Input for increased distance.

What We Didn’t

  • Fewer stiff options make the driver a little unreliable for demanding users.

10. Callaway Sub Zero Driver

Author Rating:

Having the chance to choose among different shafts at multiple weights is an advantage you have when getting a Callaway driver. The Sub Zero club offers precisely that, with weights from 50g in Synergy material up to 70g in Even Flow Blue and HZRDS Yellow – all of them extremely useful for different results.

Check Price Now on Amazon

In this driver, however, you may also find a wide range of other features that will make your golfing experience feel utterly fantastic. .

Apart from looking good, it offers better speed at first hit.

Thanks to the Jailbreak Effect, increased MOI and perfect spin with the Triaxial Carbon Crown and a fantastic Boeing Aero package for superior construction overall. If there’s a product that’s worth a look, it is this one. Especially when considering how adjustable it is.

Better Speed, Spin, and Trajectory

When you consider how both JailBreak and X-Face technologies work together while adding the interchangeable weighs feature, you get a perfect driver.

This means it will help you achieve superior spin, better trajectory results, and eventually achieve excellent ball speed for more traveled distances.

Superb-Quality Construction and Design

If there’s something that every Callaway driver has, it is a magnificent construction not only on the shafts but in its entire build.

The Boeing Aero Package with Speed Step technology and incredible geometry is a perfect choice for anyone who wants top-notch quality that delivers excellent results.

Better MOI with Triaxial Carbon Crown

MOI is an often overlooked feature of every golf club, which alongside the center of gravity or CG, can deliver surprising results.

The Callaway SubZero driver comes with a Triaxial Carbon Crown that with a light yet highly strong composition, can provide more MOI, perfect CG, and astonishing spin for incredible shots.

What We Liked

  • Outstanding construction for better results, durability and overall looks
  • Achieves exceptional speed, trajectory, distance and accuracy with its tech features
  • Well-made design from Callaway for more MOI, CG, and comfort
  • A broad array of shaft, loft, heights and flex options for experts and beginners

What We Didn’t

  • Does not offer as much adjustability or personalization for shots as others drivers do

    Finally, Golf drivers taylormade , Which Golf Driver Is Better For You?

    Congrats, we’ve reached the end of the article, and we can finally tell you which of the best golf drivers will eventually help you achieve the most exceptional results. is it golf drivers taylormade?

    We know that apart from features and design, it is essential to look for a product that is also affordable but still offers excellent quality.

    So we’ve decided to analyze each of them according to that, making sure you can pick between the most affordable, the best overall, and the one that is most expensive but offers the highest-quality features.

    If you want a driver that is affordable, then go for the Cleveland Launcher HB. Not only it is the most affordable, but it also comes with remarkable features such as a HiBore Crown, outstanding cup-face, and reliable construction.

    But if you can go for a costlier product, then choose the TaylorMade M3 driver, which is somehow expensive but comes with a fantastic set of features. You won’t believe how useful they are!

    And of course, if you can go over the affordable mark, don’t hesitate and get the Callaway Big Bertha. It is the overall well-made driver at a high price, which looks beautiful, offers impressive results, and still feels hugely reliable on the hand.

    Now, what are you waiting for? Here you have the best golf drivers set in different categories for your needs.

    But don’t worry, if none of this appeal to you, there are seven highly exciting options to pick from. Pick yours today and get your feet set to the golf course now!