Best Golf Gloves Reviews for Maximize Grip and Comfort

Apart from your sharp vision while you score with a golf ball, your firm hold on the club is exceptionally essential, as well. Measuring the distance and wind factor is of no use if you fail to hit the ball with precision. This precise handling calls for, without a doubt, a great grip. And what better way to make sure you are not slipping the club than using the best golf gloves!

Now, this is tricky. If you are only looking for the right size, you will surely be in a fix while choosing from hundreds of glove types in the stores. There is a lot more to look for if you cherish the grasp on your hand.

That’s why we are here. We have gathered the 10 most useful and well-gripping golf mittens that you can put your trust in. Follow our golf gloves reviews to dive deep right away!

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Our Top 5 Recommendations for Golf Gloves


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Customer Reviews

Bionic’s Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove (Best Golf Glove for Senior)


Zero Friction Men's Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove (Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands)


Callaway Golf Men's Weather Spann (Best Golf Glove for Hot Weather)


TaylorMade Men’s Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove


Under Armour Mens UA Iso-Chill Golf Glove


Best Golf Gloves for Maximize Grip and Comfort

Fitting, gripping, breathing, and well-stitched were the vital factors we took into consideration while selecting the following models. We hope you can find your suitable one from the list with fullest satisfaction.

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

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To begin with, we have the Callaway Dawn Patrol. Callaway is one of the most reputable manufacturers of golf gloves that ensures quality and durability in its products. The Dawn Patrol model is no exception. 

It is entirely built with premium leather. That means, even if you are going rough with this one, it’s not going to surrender in any way sooner. The reason behind using leather in gloves is pretty straightforward. 

Leather increases toughness and strength. This is something every golf-lover would cherish his/her mittens to be – tough and strong.

It’s crucial for your hands to breathe naturally while you are covering them up. That’s why having perforations in the gloves is necessary beyond description. Coping up with that demand, Dawn Patrol has numerous perforations on its palm and fingers for smooth breathing.

Also, it works to reduce the moisture of your hands. Otherwise, your hands would become wet due to perspiration while you are playing.

If you are wondering if it fits your hands, don’t worry. It comes with an Opti-fit adjustable closure system that allows it to be worn on every hand. You can easily adjust it according to your hands’ size.

This one feels light, secured, and pretty thin when you wear it. And these are the exact feelings you need to have when you are striking the golf balls out there for a long time.


  • Fits perfectly to your hands and feels great
  • Perforation for the hands to breathe
  • Comes with an adjustable closure system
  • Prepared from all premium leather
  • Available in different sizes


  • If it gets wet, it becomes a bit slippery

Callaway Weather Spann Glove

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If your thirst for playing golf doesn’t fade out during hot summer or cold days, that means you need the best gloves for diverse weather.

Getting the Callaway synthetic golf mittens should be a perfect choice for you in this case. This one is designed in such a way that it can provide the same, consistent comfort and grip all through the seasons around the year.

It’s possible because its Japanese synthetic materials ensure the durability of it. The premium synthetic ingredients provide a great feeling and flexibility for you. Plus, compared to pure leather, it proves to be no less durable material, as well.

Another benefit you get from this material is its 4-way stretch system. It can be stretched without damaging any part of it or asking for any wear and tear.

For your hands to breathe naturally, the palm and fingers of this one are rich with perforations. Both the top and bottom sides of the fingers are well-designed with such tiny holes for air to pass.

This also prevents the hands from clotting perspiration and getting wet. The sweat can easily pass through the holes.

Another brilliant work done by Callaway is the reinforced palm patches. It significantly increases the gripping of the gloves and makes it more durable than ever.


  • Comes with an Opti-fit adjustable closure system
  • Perfect perforations on palms and fingers
  • Reinforced palm patches for better grip
  • Made from Japanese premium synthetic materials
  • Stretchable material


  • May cause a bit more perspiration in hand than regular gloves

Callaway OptiColor Golf Glove

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The first look of anything can be misleading. And the same can happen for this one in the discussion here. It may look like a stylish biking hand cover, but in reality, it’s a ‘made for golfer’ mittens.

Yes, if you are looking for something that is pretty functional and gives your hand a stunning look at the same time, give this one a go. It may not be the best gloves for seniors, but it surely can attract the younger generation.

It sure is one of the most fashionable glove options on the market. Coming with a variation of seven different colors, it can be safely said that there is one color for everybody, for sure.

No, it doesn’t concentrate on design the most. That can be said from the building material of it. Using the softest of the leathers available is not something to be taken lightly.

The premium leather build-up provides optimum durability and strength to it. Although it is made from leather from top to bottom, it isn’t heavy at all. Rather, it feels quite light on your hands when you wear them, even if you are wearing them the whole day.

‘Can I adjust it according to my hand? – this is the question most users ask themselves before deciding to own one. Let’s be clear here; this one is quite handy when it comes to adjustability.

As it is designed to be used in humid and warm conditions, it doesn’t come with padding on the palms. That’s why it gives your hands more room to breathe. Plus, because of the pad-less design, it is lightweight, as well.


    • Made from premium quality leather
    • Well-designed perforation system
    • Very lightweight and easy to carry
    • No-padding design gives more room to breathe
    • Exceptionally stylish on your hands


  • The color can bleed and leave stains on hands

Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

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The name Bionic may give you a feel of a superior breed in the mittens industry, right? Well, even if it is not the exact case, but the StableGrip glove from Bionic is surely a better option than many other models out there.

First of all, it is crafted with 100% genuine Cabretta leather. This provides the gloves more strength and durability than any regular counterpart in the market. With the three-dimensional finger pads attached, the strength increases multiple folds.

It effectively stabilizes the grasp you have on your club. Especially if you are swinging it while making a perfect shot.

Also, its patented padding technology is expected to last twice more time than any regular one. But the reality is, if you can take good care of your mittens, these will last more than that.

If you can hold on to your gloves with natural fitting, it becomes unparalleled. This is the case with Bionic StableGrip. It comes with a tapered finger design that evens out at the end of your fingers.

This makes the mitten naturally attached to your fingers, rather than loosely connecting to your hands. Again, your hands can breathe more as the gussets are professionally layered with Lycra.

Also, the inner side of the glove has a mini towel base made from terry cloth. It sucks in moisture pretty fast and dries up the inner part for the perfect grips possible.


  • Made from pure Cabretta leather
  • 3D finger padding stabilizes grips while swinging
  • Patented padding increases durability
  • Tapered finger design lets the fingers attach to gloves naturally
  • Mini towel inside to soak in moisture


  • This is not a USGA approved product

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Glove

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Soft yet pretty durable – this combination is hard to find in the current market for golf gloves. But TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex seems to have achieved that equilibrium.

These coverings feel extremely soft and buttery on your hands when you wear them. The lion’s share of this comfort is the result of its top-quality materials.

This one is made from the highest quality AAA Cabretta soft leather. It makes the gloves exceptionally durable and soft at the same time. Unlike most of the options you have on the market, this one is a winner on the softer side.

Because of the ultra-thin build-up, the coverings allow your hands to breathe more naturally during hot and humid weather. Most users choose this to be one of the best gloves for hot weather.

So, if you are planning on a sunny-day golfing session shortly, have a look at this one first. 

Not so surprisingly, this one doesn’t come with a lot of padding on it. This is because this one is designed to be used during hot summer days. So, it is naturally expected that it needs to survive the hot weather. 

In addition to that, the perforation on this mitten is well-thought and brilliantly placed. If you look carefully, you can see the holes on both sides of the finger zone and right over the top of the hands. There is so much room for your hands to breathe and prevent moisture.


    • Made from genuine, high-quality AAA Cabretta leather
    • Provides a very soft feeling when worn
    • Ultra-thin build-up allows you to support you during hot conditions
    • Less padding for more breathing
    • Well-placed perforation for better moisture control


  • This is not suitable for cold and wet conditions

Zero Friction Golf Glove

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What if there was a glove that can fit every hand size, whether small or bear-hand? It would be amazing, right? Well, things just got real. Introducing the Zero Friction compression-fit golf coverings. 

Whether you have a small hand or a bear-hand, this one just fits your hand perfectly. Thanks to its contraction and expansion technology, it can stretch and expand instantly with the hand size.

This has been made possible by the high-quality synthetic material that has been used to craft this one. The synthetic allows the skin of the glove to resize itself to match the size of the hand.

As the name suggests, this one offers zero friction. That means, once you put it on, you will get the strongest grasp ever, thanks to its synthetic patch that is engineered around the fingers. It ensures solid and no-slip gripping.

In addition to that, the finger area is also designed with black mesh Lycra. It enhances the fitting more than ever and confirms a better hold on your clubs.

The palm and the top of the gloves are reinforced with stitching to add superior durability to it. Again, the palm and fingers are digitized to enable you to hold on to the club when you go for the hardest of shots.

Available in 12 different colors, you can choose the one that matches your personality. As these are made for all weather conditions, it’s a one-time purchase for the entire year. That saves you a lot of bucks, as well.


  • It is made of high-quality synthetic materials
  • All-weather build up to be used throughout the year
  • Available in 12 different color variants
  • Black mesh Lycra is used for a better fit
  • Expansion and contraction feature to fit any hand-size


  • The palm padding is not that sturdy and subject to wear quickly

Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove Prior Generation 

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If you have kept track of our reviews on Callaway’s previous models, there’s really nothing much to tell about its product. 

Just like the previous versions of the Dawn Patrol model, this one is also a heavy contender of being the best gloves for sweaty hands. The prime reason behind it is the brilliant placement of perforations.

If you look carefully, you can see the perforation on the palm, fingers, and the glove’s thumb area. It makes it really easy for your hand to perspire and breathe, even being confined by a cover.

Plus, the perspiration can easily evaporate through the tiny holes and leave the inner side of the cover dry. So, expect less moisture and wet feeling inside, compared to regular leather-made coverings you find in the market.

Its Opti-fit adjustable closure system is another consistent addition to its design. This depends less on the wrist size of your hands and can fit quite nicely. The cotton terry material of the cuff is solely to thank for this exceptional fitting. 

Callaway has used premium quality Cabretta leather to craft this one. It adds more durability and strength to it, even if you are using it around the year.


    • Super-comfortable grip and fit on any hand
    • Brilliant perforation system for optimum breathing
    • Opti-fit adjustment for better fitting on wrists
    • Made from premium quality Cabretta leather
    • Prevents moisture from being trapped inside


  • It has a tendency to get discolored after a couple of rounds of use

Under Armour Golf Gloves

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Under Armour is popular for being one of the leading sportswear brands in the world. Having a pair of golf gloves from UA means more than just your quest for quality. Rather, it’s the brand image that you fathom.

This, of course, is quite worthwhile as the Iso-Chill glove from UA is one of the top-quality products around the corner. 

It is made from 84% polyester and 16% Elastane. This says a lot about how much elasticity it has got. It helps most when you are trying to fit it in your hand, regardless of the size. Plus, when you are stretching it because of your wrist’s constant movement, it adjusts its fabric expansion accordingly.

Keeping your hands dry and cool is vital if you are looking for taking the best shot with your club. That’s why this one comes with UA Tour Cool fabric inside. It effectively pulls away from the heat from your skin to keep it cool for a long time.

This dry and coolness are also supported by the functional perforations that you find in it. These micro holes work great to let air pass to and fro inside and out all the time. It leaves your skin less prone to become wet.

This one comes with four different designs and color variants. You get to select the one that matches your look and personality.


    • Made from Polyester and Elastane
    • The inner fabric absorbs heat from the skin
    • Provides excellent grip with long-term durability
    • Micro perforation for better breathing
    • Comes with 4 different variants


  • It takes a bit of time to dry up inside during hot summer days

Callaway Women’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

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Keeping its consistency as one of the noteworthy manufacturers of some of the best golf glove for men, Callaway has room for female golfers, as well.

Say hello to the Women’s Dawn Patrol variant from Callaway. To fit into most women’s hands, this one comes in only three variants – small, medium, and large. Plus, the soft and sturdy-feeling you get are just perfect for the softness of your skin. 

Stitched from full premium quality leather, this one is the stronger. Go rough and tough on it all through the year and expect less wear and tear than other products on the market. 

Both the upper hand position and the finger zones are well-perforated on this one. This allows your hand to breathe more and quite naturally as if nothing is covering it. Plus, it significantly reduces the perspiration on your hand and retains dryness for a long time. 

The closure of this one is an adjustable one. That means no matter how thick your wrist is, you can put your hand in it and close it up comfortably. The cuff here helps a lot from being a stretch binding one. 

Its inner materials perfectly absorb moisture and help it keep a dry and cool environment inside. Therefore, you can swing that club with better precision for every single shot!


    • This one is built from premium quality leather
    • The inner material absorbs moisture
    • Well-placed perforation for better breathing
    • Adjustable closure
    • Stretch-binding cuff for perfect fitting


  • It has a tendency to get stretched out over the course of its use

Under Armour Boys’ CoolSwitch Golf Gloves – Spieth Jr. Edition

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We fold down our reviews with another top-quality piece from Under Armour. The Spieth Jr. Edition is hands down, one of the perfect golf mittens from the house of UA. 

It is predominantly made from Polyester, which comprises around 84% of the gloves’ total material. The rest are made from Elastane. So, it gives you an idea of how elastic and flexible this one is. 

The synthetic build up helps you to get a better and firmer grip on your club. Its uneven and rough surface on the palm zone creates less friction against the holder, which results in a perfect grasp. 

As for the inner side of the gloves, there are a few surprises. First, the entire inner area is coated with absorbing materials that can pull our skin’s heat. That means your hands can keep cool the entire time you are wearing it. 

Plus, it can soak in moisture resulting from the perspiration of your skin. It wicks the sweat and dries up the hand in minutes. 

The accurate perforation on both sides of the fingers of this one allows your hands to breathe more naturally.


    • Made from a mixture of Polyester and Elastane
    • Flexible and stretchable
    • Machine washable product
    • Materials can soak sweat from inside
    • The exclusive coating can pull out heat from the skin


  • Its palm zone is prone to wear quicker than other parts

Best Gloves for Hot Weather

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During hot weather, you need something that can cool your hands down. Going with the yardstick of the right size only may lead you to the wrong one for you. Here are three common things you need to find in a glove that suits you in the hot summer.

First, it needs to be light and thin. You can’t afford extra padding on it. It will prevent your hands from getting enough air.

Second, the material inside should be coated in such a way that it can pull out heat from your hands to cool it down for a long time.

Third, it should have a lot of perforation for your skin to breathe and stay cool.

Considering all these facts, we suggest that you go for the Callaway Golf Men’s Weather Spann gloves. These gloves come with proper padding and are exceptionally light, as well.

Best Gloves for Sweaty Hands

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For those of you who are suffering from sweating issues, you need to keep some of these two important factors in mind before you go for one.

First, the inner fabric of the glove should be able to soak sweat from your hands. This can quickly dry up your hands and give you a cool and dry feel.

Secondly, the perforation should be distributed evenly around the mittens. So, your skin can have enough breathing space, and the sweat can evaporate.

If you are looking for something that meets these two conditions, think about Zero Friction Men’s Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove.

As it is made from high-quality synthetic and black mesh lycra materials, it can perfectly fit your sweaty hands. Plus, it will provide a rough feel on your palms to take the perfect shot of your life!

Best Gloves for Seniors

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For the senior players, the most important factor should be gripping. With aging, our hands are less likely to hold tight to the club. That’s why you need to find the coverings that allow the best grasp possible. To ensure that, check if the fingers have an uneven and rough surface or not.

Again, you can go for mesh surface, as well. If possible, look for three-dimensional finger pads. These work great to ensure a better grip.

Bionic’s Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove seems to be in perfect line for these conditions. If you have a trembling hand or looking for a perfect glove for a senior, look no further.

Why You Need a Golf Glove?

Out of countless reasons for having a golf glove, here are some of the most important ones.

First, you need one to have a great grip on your club.

Second, it prevents any type of fatigue in your hands.

Third, it makes it easy for your hand to stop sweating a lot and keep dry.

And fourth, it keeps your hand safe from any minor accident.

So, to score better and play longer, a good-quality hand-glove is necessary for every golfer.

Things to Consider for Choosing Best Golf Gloves

Okay, as you are up for going for a golf-glove, here are some pro tips for you. Keep these factors in mind before you hit the add-to-cart button!

Go for the Best Material

The material that is used in golf-gloves plays a couple of vital roles. Firstly, it confirms that the mitten is durable and will last long. Secondly, it provides optimum comfort to your hands.

While pure Cabretta leather is what is commonly used for such production, other materials like synthetic, Polyester are also some good choices. So, make sure it is durable and comfortable.

Perfect Grip

A prime reason why you are using a glove is the grip. If you can’t get a good grasp of your club, it is useless to use a mitten for this purpose. Check if the covering comes with a three-dimensional finger pad or mesh surfaces.

These provide a rough and uneven surface on the palm side that ensures proper grip and hold. 

Weather Condition

Not all gloves are made to be used around the year. Some are crafted concentrating on summer or cold seasons. So, it’s up to you to decide which type you are interested in.

Is it a one-time purchase you are up for? Then go for the one that can be used around the year.

Otherwise, there are plenty of options for seasonal models.

Breathability and Dryness

Confined inside a cover, your hands start to perspire a lot and get wet. This eventually affects your grip and control over the club. A good number of perforation and inner materials that soak sweat can save the day for you.

The perforation will let the air come in and out, while the soaking inner material will keep your skin dry and cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best golf glove on the market?

There are many categories to go through before you can bet on one. However, according to our reviews and research, the Callaway Dawn Patrol can be a tough contender for this role.

  • What gloves does Tiger Woods use?

According to some news sources, Tiger Woods has been using the TaylorMade SIM driver recently.

  • Do golf gloves matter?

Yes. If you are looking for a good grip and solid handling of your club, a glove is a must.

  • How long should golf gloves last?

A fairly good quality golf mitten should last from a couple of years to three years if taken proper care of.

  • What are the different types of materials used to make golf gloves?

Usually, most producers use Cabretta leather. But synthetic Polyester is some of the other common materials that are used, as well.

  • Which hand should I wear the glove?

The opposite hand that is not holding the handle directly should be used to wear mittens. If you are a right-handed guy, you will wear it on your left hand.

  • What gloves provide excellent grip?

The coverings that have a rough and uneven surface on the finger and palm zone will provide the most excellent grip ever.

  • What specific features of a golf glove should I look for?

There are plenty of features to look for. But specifically, look for the grip, breathability, materials, and weather-type.

Final Words

So that’s the finale of our reviews on the best golf gloves. We hope you like it as we have pinpointed some of the most professional and functional products in the market. Plus, our buying guide should definitely help you find out the most suitable one for you from these options.

Happy golfing!

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