Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review (High Launching for Average Golfers)

Golfers are well aware that the right equipment can make an incredible difference during their games. More often than not, it is the defining element between success and failure.

Currently, there have been plenty of technological developments that assist every player, allowing them to understand their stats and how to use their gear to get the best of it and achieve a perfect score.

A brand that has been putting that knowledge to good use is Cleveland, and today we’re reviewing one of their products.

Here is our Cleveland Launcher HB Driver review; a product that is almost perfect in every way. We’re going to discuss the advantages of using it, and why it has come like such an outstanding item that most golfers would enjoy.

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[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons of Cleveland Launcher HB Driver ” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Incredible HiBore crown
50g Miyazaki shaft
Flex-Fin technology once again makes Cleveland products the best
The face cup design improves the speed of the ball, as well as forgiveness
It doesn’t include adjustable hosel, reducing the weight
Also, by not having an adjustable hosel, the price is considerably lower

[/i2pros][i2cons]It advertised including a headcover that didn’t come in the package
People that like their adjustable hosel might not like the lack of it in this product[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review – Key Features

  • Power & Comfort at Hand

Cleveland has been producing high-quality products for golfers since many years ago; sometimes they’ve created incredible products, and sometimes not so much.

Either way, something they’ve done perfectly is to understand their customers. That’s why, in this product, we see the return of previous technology and features that made the previous models so successful.

Even so, there is still room for innovation. Cleveland attempts to topple old and regular issues around weight, all with hopes of making the players as comfortable as they can be.

The result is quite satisfying. Here, we have a high-quality driver that reduces weight in exchange for nothing. It gives you power, the flex you need for a proper swing, and the necessary weight for the ball to reach high fly without becoming uncomfortable or losing stability.

How is it possible? Below we’re listing the best features it has to offer.

  • HiBore Crown

If there was anything that players enjoyed from previous models, it was the HiBore crown. It came as a surprising element that helped in making the games better. Fortunately, the manufacturer understands its achievements very well, hence they’ve brought it back for this product as well.

How does it work?

During impact, the crown is capable of flexing more, which ends up creating a powerful hit with the ball reaching higher speeds.

Additionally, players get the opportunity to set up more mass, which enables them to generate a higher launch, while still maintaining a low spin ball trajectory.

  • Lightweight Hosel

Now, here’s when this gear starts to show its innovative ideas!

Other brands that include adjustable hosel drivers give us many benefits that we can appreciate at the field, but that often makes it heavier, sometimes getting in our way and making the experience less fun.

This product, however, attempts to get rid of that issue. It features a glued hosel, which reduces the overall weight of the item.

By doing this, it also helps distribute the weight more comfortably, allowing the ball to fly higher, and increasing our chances to connect that score during the first hit.

As a side-effect of the lack of an adjustable hosel, the equipment is available at a lower price than most.

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  • Face Cup

The face cup design is particularly effective in this product. Its purpose is to get the weld point at the right position, right at the back of the leading edge. By doing that, it maximizes the speed of the ball across its perimeter, which results in increased and better forgiveness.

  • Flex Fins Technology

It features high-quality fins at its base, towards both toe, and heel. It successfully compresses during each impact, allowing you to hit the ball with the amount of energy necessary.

This technology provides extra speed to reach those larger distances, particularly when it impacts against either toe or heel.

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  • Improved Miyazaki Shaft

Speed is essential in most games, especially golf. Using light results in more distance traveled by the ball during each hit and the Miyazaki shaft comes in to back up the other lightweight qualities that this product offers.

It is a 50g Miyazaki shaft, providing an improved and better balance point. With that weight, it becomes even lighter and comfortable to use overall.

Also, there’s no need to fear losing stability for buying an incredible lightweight tool. During all instances, you’ll get a fine grip feeling the weight exactly where it should be to create a perfect swing.

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review (Video Review)

Frequently Asked Questions on Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

  1. Why is this different than other drivers?

The most noticeable difference is the lack of an adjustable hosel. While some may consider it as a disadvantage, it is one of its best features, in our opinion. It reduces plenty of unnecessary weight.

  1. Does it produce an annoying sound?

Some reviews left by customers online may mention that it produces a frustrating sound, but that’s not the case at all. It is the typical ‘ting’ sound that is quite satisfying.

  1. Can I replace the shaft?

It works better if assembled as provided by the manufacturer, but yes, you can replace the shaft. Remember to keep a similar diameter, though. This one is .335 of diameter.

Final Verdict

Ever heard of, “don’t judge by its look?”

Well, that’s something that doesn’t apply to this item at all. When you first look at it, you see excellence, and then you receive nothing but excellence once you buy it.

With our Cleveland Launcher HB Driver review, you can confirm that you get what you pay for, turning it into one of the best investments you could make as a golfer.

So, don’t waste your time using a poor-quality driver. Consider your options and make your call on this one to see the improvement in your games quickly.

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