How to Get a Golf Handicap Without Joining a Club?

Nowadays, Golf is the most trendy game, and you hardly find any person who has no passion for golf. But when you finally start your dream golfing, the first thing you need a handicap. So many beginner golfers want to know how to get a handicap without joining a club.

You will be glad to know it is easy to manage and set up handicap without joining a club. That means you will get the equipment totally free or at a low cost which will help you to move your skill to the next level.

A golf handicap is not only helping you to build up golfing skills, but it also requires attending some local leagues or tournaments. Here we will talk about the easiest way to get handicaps without joining a club.

How to get a golf handicap without joining a club

When you don’t involve in any club, you can manage handicaps in several ways. We will talk about some easy ways to get handicap without joining a club. So without further ado, let’s start.

Option 1: Join any Public Course

In earlier days, you must need to join a private club to get a handicap. But nowadays, you can easily join any public course by paying only $20-$50 to get a handicap conveniently. USGA makes it mandatory to provide every golfer handicap.

Option 2: Join any league with a membership

Well, this option is a bit expensive to get a golf handicap without joining a private club. You will need to pay nearly 100+ dollars to enroll in any league. Yet it is a very good option because it will give you the below opportunity despite handicap:

  • Lifetime membership for the league
  • Helps to improve your golfing skill as you play with different golfers
  • Easy to learn from other golfers and make friendship
  • Learn secret tips for tournament

Option 3: Enroll in Online Clubs

It is a fantastic and cheaper way to get a handicap. There are many online clubs that started their journey officially and provide Golf handicaps. So you can join this type of online club by paying $25-$50 per year to get a USGA golf handicap.

It is the easiest way to get a handicap. You can enroll in any top-listed online club according to your preference. Online clubs have become popular and trendy choice for golfers because they give you a proper guide to learn golf without going anywhere else.

Option 4: Online Golf Handicap

If you don’t have enough budget or interest in an official golf handicap, then this idea is for you. You can easily manage an unofficial golf handicap from online. As it is essential to learn golf, we suggest you collect handicaps.

But unofficial handicap can create the below issues:

  • Most of the tournament does not allow the golfer to attend without an official golf handicap
  • Fail to connect with pro-level golfers
  • You will fail to improve your golfing skill compared to your effort

So you need to adjust the above issues if you want to get handicap-free. Now you can decide whether you give priority to skill or money. It totally depends on your priority, but if you want to be a pro golfer, we suggest you to have an official golf handicap.

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Why are golf clubs expensive?

As a beginner golfer, this question must pop up in your brain why are golf clubs expensive?  Well, there are so many reasons are exist to justify the expense of a golf club. Here we share some top reasons behind its cost.

  • The club owner invests a huge amount of money for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Club manufacturers buy the most expensive materials and equipment for golfers.
  • They ensure the best service, assistance, and most durable Product to golfers.
  • The exclusive design and engineers process requires huge cost

So the club manufacturers need to earn profit for their huge investment to improve their service to guide a golfer. Ultimately you won’t get better service if they don’t charge a handsome amount.

It helps you to improve your golfing performance as you get the best facilities as well as equipment. I guess a golf club is worth the cost because it can change the game. A beginner golfer can transform into a pro after joining a golf club. So if you are serious about golfing you can join the golf club.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you get your answer on how to get a handicap without joining a golf club. We have researched a lot before sharing this article so that we can inform you the best ways to manage a handicap without joining a club. You can follow any convenient way from the above option to boost up your golf skill.

But we suggest you to manage the official’s golf handicap to build up core skills. If golfing is your dream, then an official handicap is a must. It is not possible to grow a golf career like a pro without an official golf handicap. A simple step can create a big difference in a golf game. So, don’t skip golf handicap. Best of Luck!