Golf Driving Ranges – Indoor Driving Range

Golf Driving range is an open outdoor area where golfers practice hitting golf balls. The driving range is More than 350 yards in length, it can accommodate over 70 players at a time. An exclusive feature that permits golfers to drive from the grass bays enables the same playing conditions as the golf course.

Golf Driving Ranges

Find information on all kinds of golf practice facilities, including driving ranges, practice tees, golf centers, putting greens, and indoor driving range. It’s true that “practice makes perfect,” then these are the best places to perfect your game.

Driving Range

Driving range includes at least 200 yard wide natural green grasses turf tee (300+ yards long), fifteen artificial hitting mats, and eight heated indoor/outdoor hitting bays. Fifteen different greens serve to give the amateur or professional golfer precise areas for target practice, allowing shots from 25 yards to 250 yards.

The driving range facility can accommodate more than 18 holes for practice purposes as well as separate chipping, pitching & bunker practice areas making it one of the best places to learn Golf for golfers.

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Golf Driving Range
Golf Driving Range

Indoor Driving Range

Indoor driving range facilities at least 8 separate driving bays, 9′ wide w/dividers, ball trays, and racks.  The indoor driving range includes State-of-the-art air-cushioned driving mats. The indoor driving range also has facilities brand unblemished golf balls and it’s always clean for golfers.

Facility to Full drink and food concessions, Club holders and stands plus additional spectator seating, Fully netted ceiling, walls, and perimeters to insure a safe hitting environment, Large Netted Driving area.

The indoor driving range includes at least 200 feet long by 100 feet wide to see true path of the ball, All drivers, irons, and wedges allowed, also Fully heated and air-conditioned for year-round comfort to learn Golf courses for golfers

indoor driving range
indoor driving range (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

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