How long does it take to play 18 holes on a golf simulator?

Beginner golfer curious to know how long does it takes to play 18 holes on a golf simulator. The answer can be dynamic depending on the number of players you are playing with. We will share an informative answer to your query and pro tips of golf to improve your performance. So, let’s dive into the article to clear your confusion.

How long does it take to play 18 holes on a golf simulator?

The average time for playing 18 holes on a golf simulator is 45min to 1 hour.  But depending on the number of players, it can be up to 3-4 hours.

If you play alone, then 45minute to 1 hour is applicable. But when the number increases, the time also increases simultaneously. That is why beginners get confused about whether they take a long time to play golf. But before you start with the simulator, you just need to know some factors to make a brilliant shot.

Factors you should know before playing golf simulation

The golf simulator is an effective device to practice golf indoor. You can improve your golfing skill and learn golfing through golf simulation. It is effective for beginners to a pro golfers. You will get a similar feeling that you play in the real field when you give a shot in the simulator. That helps to overcome any critical obstacles and makes each shot outstanding.

The screen is connected to a computer to analyze your shots. You can check the result to know your performance level on your phone. But before starting with the simulation, you should know the below things.

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Minimum space you need to play golf

Newbie golfer gets confused about how much space they require to play golf at home. It helps to improve their skill and make it convenient to practice effortlessly.

Generally, you can safely practice golf in a 12×12 feet area. But it may need to be adjusted with your height. So before buying a simulator, calculate the ceiling height. Place the simulator in your room and make a backswing to ensure whether it touches the ceiling or not. That helps to choose the right golf simulator for practicing indoor.


Yet simulator is designed for practicing golf at indoor, so definitely, it is fixed to a permanent room of your house. But some high-quality simulator offers mobility and effortless installation so that you can practice in any room or anywhere you want to do.

Most golfers choose a portable simulator because it is more versatile and cost-effective.

Other tools

Despite having a simulator, you need some other important things to start golfing at home. You need to buy a monitor, golf mat, projector, and computer to start golf simulation.

According to the pro golfer, it is a great idea to replace the simulator screen and projector with a net. So that you can hit directly into the net instead of the projection screen and observe the simulation on monitors or TV screens.

There is no definite way of learning golf. The tricks that work great for me may be unfit for you. It depends on the person which tricks will be fine for him. So try every method to find out the most effective tricks for you to learn golf.

You may also need ball trays, club racks, alignment sticks, etc., to complete your learning journey.

Effective Courses

Well, you must be curious to know about the famous courses that you should play on simulators to learn golf quickly and perfectly. You already know golf simulator software is enriched with thousands of courses, and it’s tough to complete all of them. You will get some courses free, but some of them are needed to purchase at extra cost.

TGC (The golf club) introduces a brilliant course package for beginners with 100000 premium golf courses. The unique thing about this course is you are allowed to customize the course by mixing or matching holes from different courses. That makes it an ideal pick for beginners to start their golf journey. You can learn from scratch to be a pro golfer.

You should also consider the game’s features, graphics experience, cost, and more to choose your convenient courses.


The average cost of a golf simulator is $790-$70000. The price varies depending on features, course, and many more. The golf simulator is worth every penny to make you competent to participate in country club competitions adds value to your golfing skill.

Benefits of Golf simulator

The advanced technology that uses in the simulator will analyze every swing by the images of your courses on the display. You will get a real view of the images on the screen.

As you are hitting a ball on the screen like hitting a ball on the field, it helps to improve your shots. It calculates your virtual shots and gives you all the relevant information about the shots to improve them.

So you get valuable data about club speed, angle, impact, path, and many more. This helps to overcome your issues and learn brilliant shots to make every shot outstanding to win the match.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you get your answer on how long does it take to play 18 holes on a golf simulator. This helps you to improve your playing skill and makes the shots faster. We also share some relevant information about the simulator so that you can use it effectively.

The golf simulator is an excellent device to learn golf and practice it indoors. But you need to follow the above tricks to get better results from golf simulation software. Before turning out the curtain, secret tips for you. To be a pro golfer, it is a must to keep patience and practice regularly. These are the key to improving golf skills. Best of luck!

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