How Much Rain is Too Much for Golf?

We can’t control the weather. It is common to face sudden rain in the middle of the course. Keeping a tournament on the half is really frustrating. 

Extreme rainy weather can spoil the full game. But if the rain is not too much and the field is not waterlogged, then you can play the next round in wet. So you need to know how much rain is too much for golf. It helps you to take the right decision whether you cancel the next round or prepare for it.

However, there is no dynamic answer for measuring rain. But you can consider some important factors to understand whether the golf course can go on in the rain.

How much rain is too much for golf?

It is really difficult to measure rain and give a parameter to close a golf course. The easiest way is to check the golf field. If it does not have standing water and there is no risk of player safety due to turf damage, then you can plan for the golf course. Otherwise, you need to close the golf course for the golfer’s safety.

When you should close a golf course due to rain

Depending on the field condition, the answer varies. Some fields can be waterlogged after a few minutes of rain, whereas some can be okay after hours of training. So depending on your field condition, you need to take the decision.

Sometimes rain can make the field not playable and damage the golf courses. Before taking the decision to close the golf course, consider the below factors.

Stuck water on the field

Most of the time, you need to cancel a golf course in the middle time due to stuck water on the field. After the rain, if the field contains standing water, it is not possible to put through a puddle. So there is no alternative to close the course. In case you are arranging a golf course on a windy day, you must think about the difficulties before announcing the course.

It is also unfair to force golfers to hit their shot onto the green and get stuck due to too soft turf. Standing water is the reason that arises this type of issue. Even the golfer can soak in water which has health risks too. So the tournament committee should close the game.

Recent Rain

We must face frequent rain when it is the rainy season going. If you have already faced rain in some previous matches and the next day’s tournament is also affected by rain, then it is better to cancel the game. It will take more time to dry the field, and fungus can also grow in the grass. Lots of rain makes golf playing more difficult and risky. You can try an indoor golf simulator to improve your golfing skill on a rainy day.

Golf cart path

The golf cart path has a high risk of having big puddles due to extreme rain. It makes your riding dangerous and can cause accidents. It is also harmful to your cart. A golf cart is designed to handle light to medium rain. But it is not capable of starting smoothly in heavy rain. If you decide to play golf after the rain then walking is the best choice.

When the water management system is poor, it can affect the turf. That also forces you to close the tournament.

Water stored in the low spots

Most golf fields contain ups and downs. If the lower field stores water, then management needs to close the game. Because you need to release all the rainwater from the lower spot to continue the game. It is unfair to continue golf tournaments with water in the low spots.

Why do you need to play golf in the rain?

We already talk about that when you need to cancel the golf course for rain. But often you need to run the course even on a rainy day. It is possible if the rain is light and the course requires running to complete it timely. It is not dependent on players’ mode but rather depends on course management. Yet some players don’t like to play on a wet field. You can consider the below factors to know whether rain affects your game or not.

Check the Holes

As a player, you may confuse about whether leave the course or stay on the field as it is raining. It is better to check the number of the remaining hole to take the right decision. If you have more than 3holes, then it is not wise to leave the course. You should wait to finish the shots.


If you are confident enough to make an outstanding shot even in a wet field, then it is better to continue. It helps to improve your golfing skill as the environment is more difficult than normal weather. A golfer who can play in rough weather can save his time. You can use rainy gear such as gloves, hats, etc to safely play golf instead of standing outside.


If you are attending a golf course that offers refundable green fees, if sudden rain starts, then it is better to leave. But if the management won’t offer any green fees for rain, then it is better to stay.

You can come back any other day to enjoy a round of golf if you have green fees. But if you don’t have this option then try to finish the course. So before joining any course, check the rain policy to make a safe investment.

Wind and Temperature

Well, besides rain, you also need to consider the temperature and windy weather to decide whether you will stay or not. If the weather is windy, that can make the situation more difficult. Also, freezing rain is much more dangerous than summer rain. If you also face wind or freezing temperature, then look for your rain gear to handle the situation. But it is better to leave the course.


You can check the RADAR to know the weather conditions. If it seems the rain will last for many hours or affect the game more, then leave the course. But if you notice that the wind is almost over and there is less chance to affect the tournament, then stays in the field. Yet Radar is not 100% accurate, but it can give you basic weather updates to take a smart move.

Alternative idea

Well, rain is a natural issue that has no control. If you fail to continue the golf course for rain, you can try the indoor simulator. It is also a great ideal to improve your golfing skill. If you don’t want to waste time on a rainy day, then try the simulator. A golf simulator can make you a pro golfer.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you get a detailed answer on how much rain is too much for golf. It will help you to make the right decision whether you postpone your golf course or not.

Playing in the rain requires effort and dedication. You need to consider the risk factors carefully before jumping to play in the rain. As it helps to improve your golfing skill as you are playing various conditions, many golfers take this challenge. But you can use an indoor simulator to improve your skill on a rainy day. We recommended waiting to dry the playground before starting the tournament.