How Often Do Pro Golfers Change Balls?

As beginner golfers, many of us are curious to know how often do pro golfers change balls, right? Actually, we try to follow the potential golfer tricks and strategies to improve our shoots. After in-depth research and discussion with many pro golfers, we are going to give an informative answer to your query with secret golf tips. So without wasting time, let’s start.

How often do pro golfers change balls?

There are no specific rules or patterns for changing golf balls. But according to the analysis, we notice most of the pro golfer changes modern golf ball after every 6 holes.

But it is not any static formula. Some pro golfers use per hole per ball. In contrast, other players recommend using the ball until it is damaged or you lose it. So it depends on player strategy and mode. Till the ball looks fine, honestly, you won’t face a lower spin rate or ball speed loss.  So you can use a golf ball until it looks bad without worries.

Undoubtedly, golf balls are highly long-lasting. It only can damage if you hit a tree, cart path, or aggressive grooves. In that scenario, don’t forget to check the ball crucially. If you notice a shear or scuff mark, immediately replace the ball to avoid performance loss.

Ultimately, a quick inspection is enough to know whether you change your golf ball or not. Using the same ball for multiple holes is fine if the ball is not damaged.

Golf ball lifespan

So now you can ask about the lifespan of a golf ball. Generally, the golf ball is long-lasting equipment. Until you notice severe cuts, scraps, shear, scuff, or changes in shapes, the ball is fine. You can use it for a long time without performance loss or issues.

It does not come with a particular lifespan or expiry date. Depending on your usage frequency, care and maintenance, the lifespan varies.  High-quality golf ball manufactured with balata, which is more long-lasting than other types of ball. Professionals and pro golfers have preferred this type of ball.

Nowadays, some brand introduces a softer ball than balata. This type of ball is designed with urethane to make the shots outstanding and deliver a soft feel around the field. As technology changes, balls are also improved durability and quality. So the latest innovative golf balls are more long-lasting than older ones. So pro golfers now move to this latest urethane ball to make them up to date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is golf ball damage?

Yet golf balls are highly durable; they can damage due to hitting a cart path, tree, or any other bard object.

  • Can I play 18 holes with one ball?

Well, if your ball looks fine, then there are no problems playing 18 holes with one ball. Many potential golfers use one ball for multiple holes.

  • Is the ball changed shape?

When you are using the ball for a huge number of holes, it can change shape. You can check the roundness of a ball crucially or move it around in your hand to know the uniformity. If the shape changes, that means you need to replace the ball.

Final Verdict

We try to give an informative answer in how often do pro golfers change balls. It will help you to know the different potential player’s golf playing strategies.

As there is no rule to change golf balls and pro golfers are also applying different tricks, it is better to use golf balls until it lost or damaged.  That will cost and wise idea. There is no proven data exist that say using a new ball per hole can improve performance or bring changes in shots. Then why do you waste money for changing the ball now and then?

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