How to hit a golf ball? (The Complete Guide)

There are a lot of approaches to how to hit a golf ball; however, to become a master of a variety of shots and be the perfect in your game, the secret to hitting a golf ball is to rehearse justifiable structure.

Unlike individuals who barely care about hitting a baseball or a tennis ball when the ball and players both are running, in golf, you have a lot of time to get set and make your golf swing perfectly.

In order to set yourself up for progress with a strong position and a characteristic, you should secure your grasp first. On the other hand, utilizing the movements of the motions of your body, like, rotating your hips, shoulders, and arms will also make you more effective at aiming your target.

You also need to build up your objective line and to know where you need the ball to go before you can hit a decent shot. So, there are some basic steps to learn about the easiest way to hit a golf ball discussed in the following sections.

How to hit a golf ball for beginners? – The complete step by step guide

  • Grasp the club with a safe and normal grab

Hold the club firmly enough to keep it secure in your grasp, yet keep your hands liberated from pressure.

For your base hand, your ring and little fingers should hold the club with the most weight. Similarly, for your top hand, your index finger should reach the most weight.

  • Remain with your feet shoulder-width separated and knees somewhat bowed

Your non-predominant foot ought to be in front or closer to the ball.

Place your back foot opposite to the ball, and point your front toe somewhat toward the ball or target.

Focus on the ball between your feet as the ball ought to be far enough away from your feet that your arms can hang straight down easily. The location of your feet and legs as you get ready to hit the ball will give the establishment of your whole swing, from backswing to finish.

How to hit a golf ball with a driver

  • Twist forward from your hips around 35 to 40 degrees

Twist around from your hips so your arms can move calmly. To twist at the right point, your back ought to be simply past 1 o’clock, or around if you see it as a clock face.

A perfect hip twist will permit you to turn your hips and force your swing.

Have a look at yourself in a mirror to measure the edge of your hip curve.

  • Move your weight back as you turn your hips for a basic swing

Start your backswing by steadily moving your weight to your back foot.

As you pivot into your backswing, extend your arms completely. To produce a remarkable swing, twist your wrists to pivot your hands and raise the club up higher when your club is around your shoulder stature.

To have perfect shots, you’ll turn completely into the backswing with the club raised over your head. You’ll make changes when the opportunity arrives to execute, as you do not need to produce as much power often.

At the point when you begin to progress from your backswing to the downswing, it should feel like your front shoulder is pushing toward the ground as you are to tilt your front shoulder downward.

Start the downswing by moving your weight to your front foot while turning your front hip toward the ball as moving with the front hip will swiftly turn your body to the golf ball position.

When you reach the ball, make sure you make a little bit of your hip up toward it.  Your upper body should be expanded rather than curved and your front shoulder should become a bit tilted.

After striking the ball, your hips, feet, arms, and shoulders should all return to the beginning position and your weight ought to be on your front foot; however, your back foot should, in any case, be planted solidly on the ground.

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How to Hit a Golf Ball Further

Increment your tilt and backswing to drive the ball a long distance

Expanding your capacity by raising your club high and turning totally into your backswing, you can drive the ball a long distance and at the point when you strike the ball, make sure you make your front hips and shoulder a bit up than normal.

Expanding and keeping your arms straight completely will develop your precision while hitting the ball.

Also, to have a reasonable length of your swing, you should remain with the ball lined up with the toes of your front foot and have your club in front of the ball to generate much power.

However, you’ll have to change and sometimes adjust your shots when the breeze is especially strong. While playing into the windy breeze, your swing should be easier and you should enlarge your position so that you can play the ball further back.

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

Various Types of Golf Swings

Different types of shots are considered as golf swings; however, the method that is applicable for each shot is somewhat alike. For example,

The objective of the Drive is to hit the ball quite far down the fairway. Exactness is constantly significant; however, distance is the fundamental objective.

Putt A putt which is a close shot taken on the green and closest to the hole and a great putting requires bunches of artfulness and a capable perusing of the slants around the green, which will influence the ball as it moves towards the gap.

Chip A chip shot is taken by utilizing an abridged adaptation of your full swing. This is the main time your swing will shift essentially.

Flop shot in reality only a shot utilized around the green, typically from the harsh place.

When you Punch the ball, try to keep it low to the ground so that your shot goes below the trees. These shots are useful on a breezy day.


Parity is the key. Stand tall after you hit the ball. The club ought to be behind your neck. Take a couple of moments to respect your shot.

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