How to Reduce Noise on Gas Golf Cart (3 Astonishing Proven Methods)

I can feel how annoying the noise of a gas golf cart is. But as it is the best and quick solution to cover short distances everyone needs to use it.

So golfers are wondering how to reduce noise on gas golf cart. Here is the answer and step-by-step guide to making a golf cart quiet.

How to reduce noise on gas golf cart

Simply you can add a muffler or extend the cart’s insulation to minimize the noise.

To get the best result in noise reduction techniques, you can apply multiple tricks. After in-depth research, we are going to share some effective troubleshooting ideas to reduce gas golf cart noise.

But before applying any tricks, don’t forget to check whether the noise is a sign of technical issues or not.

Why gas golf cart makes noise?

As a golfer, you must notice noises while using a gas golf cart. It comes from the engine part or exhaust area. Often exhaust can enhance engine noises.

So you should focus more on the exhaust and engine movement portion to reduce noise effectively.

Engine size

However, engine size plays a vital role in managing noise. Generally, golf cart engine size remains 10 to 12 horsepower. Try to keep the engine size minimal to get quiet performance. A little difference can reduce a huge noise.


The golf cart body comes with an insulation system. The cart that has less insulation is made a loud noise. Even expensive golf cart insulation can damage by heat and wear. Poor insulations not only make noise but also make the cart less effective. You need to change the insulation to convert it quieter cart.


Mufflers are not any must-have equipment or part of any golf cart. But golfer installs high-quality mufflers to minimize noise and makes it quiet. If you have already installed a high-quality muffler and facing loud noise that indicates your muffler is damaged due to cracks, rust, etc. So you need to replace the muffler with a new one to make the cart quiet.

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Mechanical Issue

Often mechanical issues can create noise in a golf cart. That is why regular servicing and maintenance are essential to avoid mechanical issues.

Shock absorber

If your gas golf cart’s shock absorber becomes depreciates over time, it can make noise when you pass over pumps. You need to replace the shock absorber to reduce extra noise and stress.


A controller is responsible for maintaining your golf cart movement. To make the golf cart faster, some golfers upgrade the controller. That can make the gas golf cart noisier than before.

If you place a small controller that decreases your cart speed but reduces noise. So, you can try a medium size controller to keep the noise level low.

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3 Simple methods to reduce noise on golf cart

Earlier, we talked about the reason that makes gas golf carts noisy. Here we will talk about three simple and easy methods to reduce golf cart noise. You can try all the tricks to get the best result.

1.     Add a Muffler

Generally, the golf cart engines produce the majority of noises, and they pass through the exhaust. The muffler is specially manufactured to fight against noise to reduce the noise.

So one of the effective and easy ways to make a gas golf cart quiet is adding a high-quality muffler. The installation is also simple. You should do some research to learn how to fit a golf cart muffler to enrich your knowledge before trying to install it yourself. However, you can also take help from a dealer to fit the muffler if you don’t have technical knowledge.

Based on your golf cart, you need to choose the right muffler. Some standard models of mufflers, such as a walker, Kohler, etc., can be fitted for any type of golf cart. You can take your cart to a mechanic’s shop to buy the best model muffler for your cart. So that you don’t need to worry about the fitting.

2.     Add Insulation

An effective insulation system can play a significant role in making gas golf carts quiet. Effective Insulation helps to stop sound waves transmission. That minimizes the vibration and makes the noiseless.

You can use high-density insulation foam to ensure smooth insulation in your cart body. But it can reduce the speed. So don’t add extra mass.

To add new insulation, follow the below process:

  • Discard the older insulation if you have any previous insulation mat. Then use a towel to clean oil and grime.
  • Cut the high-density foam or mats according to your insulation dimension and keep a bit extra area.
  • You will find adhesive to stick the mats onto the cart. Use a hand roller to place the mats or foam in the right place.
  • Stick the mats crucially so that there are no air gaps left.

You can reduce noise up to 60% by adding a high-quality insulation mat. You can also add multiple insulations in other areas of the cart. But that can increase the mess unnecessarily.

3.     Try sound dampening

You can buy Rubber Snubber to optimize noise. This little rubber is really effective in making your soundproofing mission successful. Simply attach the rubber to the frame under the engine. This rubber works as a shock absorber and minimizes noise.

Besides, it can easily fit in most golf cart models. You can check the compatibility list to know whether your cart allows rubber or not. It is affordable than a muffler. Besides, it is easy to fit in your cart that makes Rubber snubber the easiest way among all the tricks to reduce noise.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you know how to reduce noise on golf gas cart. It is effortless to make a golf cart quiet if you follow the right approaches. We are talking about some easy and simple ways to minimize noise and make your golf cart quiet.

You can follow the above tricks to avoid unwanted noise. But after applying all the tricks yet, you face annoying noise then you must call a mechanic. That noise can be a sign of mechanical issues. So you need to go through maintenance to handle the noise.

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