How to Remove Paint from Golf Club?(Customize Your Clubs with Paint Fill)

Painting is a great idea to give your golf club a unique look. But often, we want to replace the painting to bring a new look. That is why many golfers want to know how to remove paint from golf club. Well, read this article to get a step-by-step guide to removing paint from the golf club and some tips to make an outstanding painting on golf.

How to remove paint from golf club

You need the below tools for removing paint from a golf club.

  • Paper towel or cotton bud
  • Acetone

Simply soak the paper towel or cotton bud into acetone. Then use the towel to scrub on the paint in a circular direction. Within a minute, it will erase the whole painting.

Now your golf club is totally clean and ready for the next design.

The best type of paint for a golf club

For doing painting on the golf club, it is better to use acrylic color. That makes the painting easy and hassle-free. You can easily remove the unwanted painting using a wet paper towel. That also makes repainting effortless.

 Painting golf club head helps to give them a new and unique look. You can play with color to make the clubs more aesthetic and stand out. Customize your golf clubs with eye-popping paint by following the below steps.

How does paint fill your golf club?

Golf club customization is a trendy and easy idea to make your club unique, attractive, and eye-grabbing.

It is a simple and easy method to do paint filling if you follow the steps accurately. So, give a look at the below steps.


You need to arrange the below tools to start painting.

  • Different sizes Paint brush, small brush for drawing a fine line
  • Acrylic or enamel paints
  • Paper towel
  • Acetone

If you want a durable color, then enamel paint is ideal for you. But it takes more time to dilute. In contrast, acrylic is fun to use and dilutes faster. As a beginner, acrylic will be a better choice.

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If your golf clubs contain any older paint, then follow the above tricks to remove the painting. After removing all the old paintings, give the clubs time to dry completely. If the club does not have older paint fill, then you can skip this step.

But if it is ugly, then you can also scrub the club with a wet towel that soaks in acetone. That helps to make the club clean and ready for paint fill.


Now use the brush to paint on the particular surfaces. After filling the particular areas with your favorite color, check for extra color or paint. If you find any unwanted filling, then use the paper towel to erase it.


Keep the club in rest for one day to make the paint fill permanent. Minimum you need to keep it for 8 hours to fix the paint fill on the club.

These three steps are enough to paint your golf and give it a new appealing look. See how easy the process is.

Final Thought

I hope you get your answer regardless of how to remove paint from golf club. It is a one-minute task if you know the tricks. So follow the above tricks to clean the paint from a golf club and make it ready for a new look.

Paint fill golf club is an effortless but effective idea to bring uniqueness to a golf club. You can use a different type of color for painting, such as enamel, acrylic, etc., according to your wish. However, If you overfill a club, it is also easy to remove the extra painting. So don’t worry while you are doing paint. Happy Painting on the club and best wishes!

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