How To Test a Golf Cart Battery Charger (Try the Best Method)

Often we make the simplest task into a mess due to our wrong steps. That’s why knowing the right approach on how to test a golf cart battery charger is essential. Many golf cart owners are facing problems with battery charging. It helps them to find whether the battery needs repair, replacement, or not. In this article, I will cover what to look for, how to test & exclusive golf cart tips.

Do you worry about how to check your golf cart battery charger?  Well, the battery is a vital element in your golf cart. It is highly essential to follow steps by steps guide to make sure whether the battery needs replacement.

Firstly turn on your cart charger. Then you need a digital voltage meter to measure the output voltage. Dive into the article to know the detailed approach.

How to Test a Golf Cart Battery Charger

Well, before jumping on battery charger testing, you need to do some analysis. If you want to make sure whether the battery is damaged, you should buy a Digital Voltage Tester. Then you need to charge your golf cart battery 100%. 

Guess what you may perceive it’s a battery issue, but it also can be charger issues.  How to find the charger problem? The simple way is to charge any alternative cart to check your charge problems. Now Lets start the golf cart battery charger testing. It will give relief to lots of golf cart owners.

Step 1- Activate the Battery Charger

 It is an essential step to check the battery charging power. You need to connect with a voltmeter to the negative & positive clamps of your cart charger to observe the battery charging amount. You will find a needle moving from left to right on the voltmeter to represent the overall amps presence.

Here if you find excessive left, then it indicates the battery has empty power. If you find excessive right needles, then tell maximum amps of the battery. Generally, a golf cart battery can enter a maximum of 36 amps on a voltmeter.

Step 2- Inspect Cables

The majority of people forget to check the cable connection. It is mandatory to check your golf cart cables. You need to switch the ignition to auxiliary. After that, if the charger remains off, then there must be a connection issue between the battery & charger of your golf cart.

Step 3- Inspect Transformer

Then the next phase is to check the cart battery charger transformer. It’s a straightforward step. You need to listen to the humming sound to check its condition. Besides, inspect the AC cord to confirm whether the cable is plugged into a workable port. A workable port is a prerequisite for transforming electrical current. As a result, you will be able to hear the humming sound & confirm that the transformer is fine.

Step 4- Test Wiring Circuit

Now it’s time to inspect the writing circuit of the golf cart battery charger. Check your owner’s manual guide to finding the wiring diagram of your cart. Well, it is mandatory to ensure flawless connectivity between battery & charger to derive continuous power to drive flawlessly. You should inquire about frayed worse, cut wires & battery terminal corrosion.

Step 5- Explore Grounding

Now crucially check the grounding wire from the golf cart battery charger. In general, the charger contains a single wire ground connection. And it fixes to the engine house metal frame of the cart. If you have a disconnected ground wire, that can hamper the battery charging. As a result, the charger won’t be able to charge the goofy cart battery.

Step 6- Fuse Checking

Now you should look for the charger fuses on the back fender in your golf cart. In case if you notice any battery charger fuse is swollen, that indicates the battery does not receive any charge from the charger.

Step 7- Caps Inspection

Now take out the caps from the battery terminals. Then check the liquid carefully. The brown or gray liquid indicates your battery needs replacement & it does not hold any charge.

Then check the battery charger’s temperature. In case of overheating, it may result in malfunction. So it is essential to ensure that the battery charger is clean of dust, grime & debris. Any kind of corrosion can result in overheating. You need to avoid corrosion from the golf charger. It needs regular wiping & cleaning, especially after rain.

How to Test a Golf Cart Battery Charger- Failure Factors

Well, golf cart battery charger frequently faces Timer units, diodes & bad DC chargers plugging failure.

It is essential to ensure charger disconnection from the AC or golf car in a time of storm or electrical obstacles. Besides, disconnection is also necessary if you don’t use your cart for an extended period. Basically, a fully charged golf cart battery can hold the charge over a few months.

Nowadays, the maximum digital battery charger needs the lowest voltage availability in the battery for starting recharging & powering up.

Final Thought

Well, when you are troubled with the question of how to test a golf cart battery charger, don’t forget your battery ages. Because of the lead-acid can give services for 5-6 years. If your golf cart charger is more than eight years & it’s obvious to replace it without any testing. However, replacing a golf cart battery requires $150-$250. But battery charger testing is essential to confirm whether your battery is dead or not. Also, you can try some troubleshooting ideas to solve your battery issues.

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