How to Use Golf Rangefinder Monocular (2 Easy Steps)

Day by day, the popularity of rangefinder is vastly increasing. It is a great device to improve your golfing performance. If you have a plan to add a rangefinder, then you must want to know how to use a golf rangefinder, right?

Well, a rangefinder is an essential device for any level golfer. To upgrade your golfing skill with new technology, adding a rangefinder is a great choice. You can make an accurate and precise shot with the help of a rangefinder.

After in-depth research, we are going to share a step-by-step guide to add rangefinder conveniently. In the market, you will get a different type of rangefinder. Here we will talk about how to use golf rangefinder monocular. So that it can help you to use a monocular rangefinder effectively. You will be surprised to know that there is no better option to get the exact distance of a pin than a golf rangefinder.

How to use golf rangefinder monocular

Monocular is similar to binocular that comes with a smart lens. It measures the distance from the golfer to the hole to make the shots outstanding. A golfer gets an accurate distance idea to determine the hole with this fantastic device. The right distance measurements are the key to deciding the right fitting and club for the particular shots.

When you use Rangefinder monocular, you will find two views. One is unobstructed, and another is obstructed views. Before using any of these views, you should learn some techniques to derive the best result. Well, when there is no element is standing between your ball and the target hole, you can use unobstructed views.

On the other side, when several obstacles are standing between the golf ball and target holes, you should pick obstructed views.

Now you can ask how you choose the right mode. Well, here is a detailed guide for choosing the right view.

Step1: Unobstructed View

Well, it is a simple distance calculation method that calculates the distance from the golfer to target holes. It won’t consider any path obstacles.

You can utilize rangefinder scope to find out flag post with the help of a green line on the scope. After finding the flag post, you need to tilt the scope to align the green line to the base of the flag. Do this alignment precisely to get accurate yardage.

You need to align the scope in a perpendicular position with the green line to get an accurate distance. After adjusting the scope, you must note down the peak distance of the flag post. This number indicates your yardage from the golfer ball to target. To use this mode, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Take your position nearby the ball and try to maintain a clear view with the target hole
  • Set rangefinder monocular on one eye
  • Now adjust the green line on the viewfinder to the bottom of the flag
  • Note down the numbers lined along with the flag post
  • Now choose a golf club that suitable for the line distance

Step 2: Obstructed View

It is a bit tricky to use obstructed mode. If you are standing in the far area where you are not able to see the flag post, then you need a tricky strategy to measure the distance. In this type of situation, you should stand at the back of your golf ball.

Then utilize the green line to figure out the flag post. You need to match the green line to the fuzzy stripe of the flag post. Gradually you should try to adjust the scope gently to match the base flag stick to the green line.

Besides, try to make an angle in scope so that the green line is perpendicularly right to the flag stick. You must hold the scope at a perpendicular angle to get accurate yardage from the ball to the target.

Now note down the grid number that is the peak of the flag stick. Also, count the surfaces yardage on the scale of the viewfinder. After finding out the grid number, multiplies it with the number of the identifiable strip that you figure on the flag stick. Lastly, divide the answer you derive by 8 to get the exact yardage.

Suppose the peak grid number of the flag is nearly 400. On the flag post, you have 5.

The distance will be (5×400)/8= 250 yards.

Let’s learn how to use this obstructed view at a glance:

  • You must line up from the last stripe of the flag, which has a lower line in the scope of the viewfinder
  • Figure out the lines number corresponding to the peak of the flag post
  • Do counting the number of strips to the peak of the flag post
  • Multiply the number of strips and the number of lines corresponding to the peak of the flag stick.
  • Divide the result by 8

Now you will get the distance from the ball to the target. These two steps are enough to use a golf Rangefinder monocular to get the best result.

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Earlier, we mentioned that rangefinder has different types. According to their type, the using strategy is a bit different. Here we share the most popular Laser type of golf rangefinder using the method. It will help you to use any laser golf rangefinder accurately. Follow the below tips to make the rangefinder long-lasting.

Store and Prepare Properly

To get the best accuracy and long-time performance from your rangefinder, it is essential to store it correctly. You need to keep it in a clean and dry location. Some golfers store the device in the trunk of the car, which can cause so many issues due to excess heat. You must keep your golf clubs and rangefinder in a temperature-controlled place.

However, you should use a clean and dry cloth to wipe down the rangefinder lens before you take it out from the home to use this device.


When you plan to take out the device to use it, you must power it on. Also, you should check the battery on your golf rangefinder to avoid unwanted hassle.

Most of the laser rangefinders won’t allow changeability; rather, you need batteries to use this device. If your battery is low, then you need to carry an extra battery with golf equipment. So that you can finish the game without any problems.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have already learned how to use golf rangefinder monocular. It is simple and effortless if you follow the right strategy. Here I am sharing a complete guide to make your usage convenient. For your understanding, I break down the whole process and share the guide with tips to improve your performance.

If you follow the above tips and strategies and practice a bit, you will be able to derive accurate yardage from the monocular rangefinder. This device also helps you to boost up your golfing skill. You will be able to turn your weakness into power with the help of a golf rangefinder.

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