How to Lift a Golf Cart Without a Kit? -6 Easy Steps

Golf carts have different designs, adjustment features, and smart individualities that make them a handy choice for golfers. You can conveniently travel to the golf field with a golf cart. Most golfers attach a lift kit to transform your golf cart into a powerful ATV.

But many of us don’t want to buy an extra lift kit. So how to lift a golf cart without a kit?

To save your money from buying a lift kit, we are going to share an easy solution to lift a golf cart without a lift kit. But before starting the process, we want to mention that it is always a good idea to use a lift kit for lifting a golf cart. It does not only ensure a unique look but also ensures a smooth ride on terrain surfaces. But if you don’t want a lift kit, don’t worry. Here is the step-by-step solution.

How to lift a golf cart without a kit

When you want to avoid a lift kit, that means you need to craft your own kit for the cart that enhances the height and beauty of your cart. But you can’t lift a golf cart body without a lift kit. By following the below tricks, you can avoid prefabricated lift kits that reduce cost and improve cart performance.

Well, you can use different types of materials to build your lift kit. Otherwise, you can buy kits such as A-arms, springs, and axles from the market for your golf cart. Your golf kit needs a support plate. You need to attach the support plate directly to the cart and attach the kit to your wheels for lifting the cart without a kit. To do this attachment, you need some tools. Here is a detailed guide to lifting a golf cart without any kits.

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Tools you need

  • Drills
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdriver and more

Step -1: Detach Car wheels

At first, you should take out the golf cart wheels from your cart using a wrench or other tools. Carefully remove the nuts and bolts near the wheels and remember the points so that you can re-assemble them easily.

Step-2: Remove the Axles

After removing the wheels, it’s time to take off the axles from your cart. This process is a bit tricky and requires more attention and mechanical skill. If you have no knowledge, I suggest you skip this process and use a lift kit for your safety. After removing axles, now detach the A-arms.

Step 3- Attach support plates

If you successfully remove the wheels, A-arms, and axles from the golf cart, then set up the support plates on the front and backside of the golf cart. As it is set near the axles, you will get extra support and strength while lifting your carts.

Step 4: Attaching

At this step, you need to attach so many things. You should attach new and longer A-arms to the support plate so that it can position properly and don’t move unwantedly. Then add the shocks and springs on the arms to extend the golf cart’s support.

Step 5: Add new Axles

Now you need to add a fresh and long axle to your A-arms. Put it carefully to balance the height of the vehicles to derive a smooth ride.

Step 6: Adjust Angles

When you lift a golf cart, the chamber and caster will change. It is a problematic issue as your car can incorrectly steer if you fail to tweak the angles. You need to ensure centered angles to avoid unpleasant issues. If you can’t balance the angle, you must take professional help.

Before applying this trick, you should remember that this process slightly varies depending on the golf cart model. Suppose you are buying a cart that has different style axles. So it will need different types of support plates. Moreover, some cartwheels require proper balancing before riding. Also, it is a complex process to lift a golf cart without a kit.

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Risk factors of DIY lift Kits

We already said attaching DIY lift kits is a complex process, and it can cause so many complications. That is why we recommended using golf lift kits instead of DIY kits.

This complication can also arise in various prefabricated lift kits. But it turns worse if you don’t have proper knowledge on how to craft your own lift kit on the golf cart. Here is a list of what you can face.

Spoil cart outlook

An inappropriate installation can affect the golf cart’s appearance. It can look ugly with a DIY Kit. Skill is highly essential to craft the DIY kit appropriately and enhance the beauty of the cart.

Frame damage

As beginners have no mechanical knowledge, it has a high risk of damaging the golf cart’s frame or chassis. That also requires Mechanical help for repair or replacement. But if you do the installation from mechanics, it has no risk of damages.


Yet golf cart is a safe vehicle, but after installing your own lift kit, it can be risky. Because you may attach the tires loosely or axles in the wrong position. That increases the chance of accidents and makes your vehicles risky.

DIY kits make a wider wheel stance that makes the installation process complex. Also, it is difficult to handle the axles and wheels. But if you use a lift kit that comes with standard suspension so it is easy for beginners to emulate.

Best golf cart lift kit

To ensure your safety and reduce hassle, you can buy a lift kit. Here we are sharing the best golf lift kit that makes your lifting hassle-free.

Club Car Precedent 6″ doubles A-arms golf lift kit

Club car precedent is a durable A-arms lift cart that is manufactured from high-quality steel. It helps to increase the wheelbase length. The simple design with a convenient bolt makes the installation easy. Besides, it comes with a high gloss black powder-coated finish that makes the cart’s appearance attractive.

It has no weld design or cutting issues. Moreover, it gives two adjustments and pivot point grease fittings. As a result, you can do the maintenance conveniently. It also allows for a chamber.


  • Easy and simple setup
  • Offers rear brackets and easy maintenance
  • Extend carts height over 2 feet


  • Increases cart weight
  • Wheel adjustments are a bit tricky

Final Verdict

No matter which kit you choose for lifting the golf cart, it is important to install it safely to ensure your safety and the cart’s performance. Some kits recommend taking professional help for safe installation.

We also share a step-by-step guide on How to lift a golf cart without a kit. It will help you to avoid the risk factors of installing a DIY Kit. If you have skill only, then you can follow the DIY process. Otherwise, take professional help to use lift kits. Lift kits will increase the quality of golf rides, so it is a lucrative investment.

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