How to Make Golf Bag Tubes?- (5 Simple steps)

Golf bag tubes are an excellent idea for organizing your golf clubs.  If you have an older bag, It’s time to upgrade your golf bag tubes.  Nowadays latest golf bags provide partitions to make the storing process clean and convenient.  So you must be curious about how to make golf bag tubes?

Well, here we will share an easy step-by-step guide to making DIY golf bag tubes.  It helps you to save money as well as gives you a unique design bag.  Also, a good golf tube can protect your golf club from cluttering or disorganized club.  You will get a partition for separating iron, wood, wedges, and clubs to ensure protection and organization.

So that you can easily bring out the right club in the middle of a golf match within a second.  Otherwise, organizing your golf club will be challenging, and you need to face a broken club.  So if you don’t want those hassles and want to improve your gameplay, then let’s learn the tricks to make excellent DIY Golf club bags within a minute.

Benefits of the DIY golf bag tube

Well, it is beneficial to learn how to make golf bag tubes because it gives you plenty of benefits.  If you have an old model bag that has so many limitations.  You can upgrade yourself to the latest version of golf bag tubes without investing a lot of money.  Here we will talk about the benefits of a DIY golf bag tube.

Club protection

A golf bag tube can protect your club as it makes at an angle.  According to the club height, you can organize them into a DIY golf bag tube.  It helps to separate small and heavier clubs from long club shafts.  Otherwise, a long club’s shaft can damage the small clubs.  After learning the DIY techniques, you can position different sizes of clubs safely to avoid damage.  So it is an ultimate protective barrier for clubs.

Besides, bag tubes confine the club from pushing against the irons and scarring near the hosel.  Moreover, it also keeps every granite shaft protected.  So it is organized your clubs as well as protected them.  You can also find your required clubs within a second as it stores organized.  So it won’t waste your valuable time during golf games for searching the right club.

Easy to find

During golf games, pits and scars on the shaft become weak with every swing.  So you need to change the club to make a good score.  But it is frustrating if you don’t find out the right clubs as it stores randomly.  As you have been searching for the club for a long time, it hampers your dedication and focuses in the field.

But when you keep the club organized in a golf bag tube, it will take a few seconds to find out the club.  That helps to keep you dedicated and focused on the game.  You won’t distract yourself from the next shot for searching a club if you have bag tubes.  That helps you to make an outstanding shot and overcome any difficult pattern.  This dedication can be the key to success in the golf play.

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Easily replace a lost club

It is frustrating to lose a golf club in the middle of the game.  If you don’t have any alternative club, you may lose the round for the club.  But if you have a golf bag, you must find out the club to replace the lost club without wasting time.  So you don’t need to lose the round.  It is easy to find out from a DIY golf tube and get back to the game.


One of the best benefits of a DIY club is it is very affordable.  You need to keep a handsome budget to buy modern golf bag tubes but making a DIY bag requires a few bucks.  The plywood and other materials are cheaper, and it won’t take much time.  So you can save money by making it yourself.


If you buy a golf club tube from the market, the design won’t be unique.  It will be common like other golfer bags and chances to mix up.  But when you plan to make your own bag, you can customize the design to make it unique.  You can use different types of color plywood to meet your style and versatile gaming needs.

Avoid wear and tear

When you use a regular golf bag, that can gradually damage due to clubs or shafts.  As you are placing or pulling out the club shaft regularly, it has a high risk of tearing the bag’s materials.  It also puts pressure on the bag’s bottom.  As a result, it can lose shape and deform.

But the DIY golf bag tube is sturdy enough that has no chance of wear and tear.  It strictly balances every club from contacting the material directly.  So the bag also lasts long.

How to make golf bag tubes

You already know the importance of learning the making process of golf bag tubes.  Now we will share a step-by-step guide to making golf bag tubes within a few minutes.  So let’s started.

Step 1: Take Plywood

You need a piece of plywood for making golf bag tubes.  You can use any type of wood that is available in your nearby hardware store.  But you need to use only one type of plywood for the whole bag dividers so that it connects easily.

Step 2: Plywood connection

After collecting the pieces of plywood, now you need to connect all the ends points of plywood together to make a circle.

You can clamp the plywood together and use a drilling machine to make a hole in every plywood piece.  Make sure you make the hole in the correct lineup so that it won’t break or split the wood.

Step 3: Mark the club outline

As you are attaching the ends point of plywood together and creating the holes, now it’s time to place your club or putter and mark the outline.

You can use a marker to note down the golf club outline on the plywood.  So that you can cut the right size opening window for the golf club.

Step 4: Cut out the opening window

You are done with the outline according to club sizes.  Use a saw and cut out the marked area to ensure easy opening for the golf club.  You need to keep proper space nearby the outline so that all parts of your golf can easily store inside the tube.  Then it’s time to sand down the edges to make the corners round.

Step 5: Drill a Hole

Now you are almost done making golf bag tubes.  You need to drill a hole in each end corner of the plywood piece.  Then use rope, zip times e or shock cord to tie up the ends point together securely and tightly.  To add extra sturdiness to this attachment, you can use duct tape on the ends portion.

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Best golf bag tubes

If you don’t have enough time to make golf bag tubes, you can buy modern golf bag tubes from the market.  As it is a piece of popular equipment, you will get different models, sizes, and designs in the market.  But all the patterns are not good for you.  According to my user experience, I am sharing the best golf bag tubes that are worth the cost.

TaylorMade Select ST cart bag

The best part of this TaylorMade golf bag is it offers 14 dividers and 7 pockets that help to organize a lot of clubs together.  You can carry the whole golf equipment in this bag conveniently.  It is designed with durable polyester, so it will give long-term services.  The material won’t fade like ordinary fabric.

Besides, it provides a front-facing pocket to carry tiny gadgets.  You will get 6 different color options to choose from.  Despite 15 club pockets, it also includes a large pocket for an oversize putter.  Moreover, it is water-resistant and strategically positioned the partition so that you can easily find out the club.


  • Nice design
  • Reasonable price
  • Sufficient space for easy organizations
  • Lightweight


  • The club divider length is a bit short
  • No water bottle pocket

Final verdict

If you want to improve your gameplay, you need golf club tubes.  But it is better to learn how to make golf bag tubes instead of buying one.  Because the DIY bag gives you more facilities, flexibility, and performance than a modern bag.  You can balance the size, pockets, or space according to your need.

We try to share an easy approach to making golf bag tubes to organize your golf club safely.  You can follow the tips to make your customized bag and improve its performance.  But if you don’t have time, buy good-quality bags to organize golf clubs to avoid damage or score loss.