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Is the Ping G400 still a good driver?

This Ping G400 review gives you the best answer of the above mentioned question.

Before I start reviews the gear of choice today (Ping G400), I think it’s important to give a little background information on the Ping G400 Driver, golf driver aka the #1 wood in your prized golf set.

Often used at the starting shot, it is basically the tallest golf club sporting the longest shaft with the lowest loft (i.e. the club angle), and the biggest head.

The design of the club made so in order to shot the ball (off a tee) over a long-range at the first attempt.

Now, the first accurate shot made by a driver in effect helps to lessen the distance and frequency of the approach shots required to reach targeted greens as the game progresses.

Hence it is extremely critical to choose the right driver for oneself. Cause in realizing the maximum game advantage, the driver interprets winning chances.

This brings us back to the Ping G400 review. Curious to know what’s so special about it?

Just read on!

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[i2pc show_title=”true” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Lightweight and sleek in build
Dragonfly design with turbulators
Improved aerodynamics (15% less drag)
20% increased MOI
The deepest and the lowest CG
Greater forgiveness and stability
Color Shift technology
Adjustable 2.0 hosel for trajectory tuning
Improved dense impact sound

[/i2pros][i2cons]Long shaft (45.75”) may prove difficult to maneuver (for some)
Expensive on the budget spectrum
More suitable for professionals than rookies
Compared to standard clubs fewer adjustability options
Doesn’t endorse the traditional ‘ping’ sound[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Ping G400 Review – Key Features

When it comes to the Ping brand, time and again, they have proved to deliver consistent performing excellence in their golf clubs.

Whether you talk aerodynamics, forgiveness, flex-to-swing aspect, the center of gravity (CG), ball speed, sweet spot, grips, impact sound, or design, the company never misses to scientifically improve anyone of the acute points in bringing forth newer models annually.

Thus in unveiling the new Ping G 400 driver, you can bet your wits that there would be a lot of technological marvels to look forward to.

  • Improved Surface Material

The G 400 endorses the innovative Alta CB55 shaft along with Titanium T9S+ manufactured head. How does it help?

Well, the shaft is designed to counterbalance the weight of the gear by placing more mass near the driver’s head right below the player’s hand. Whereas the improved surface texture makes the head 6% thinner that in turn increases the flex by 16%.

Both these simple changes bring about a clever weight distribution that provides greater force per impact. That goes on to facilitate ball spin reduction through increased swing speed (up to 1.2 mph). Altogether permitting great fairway coverage with increased forgiveness and accuracy.

  • Trajectory Tuning-Color Shift Technology

Ping G 400 driver is equipped with “Color Shift” and “Trajectory Tuning” technology. Precisely speaking, these two advanced mechanisms directly contributes to increasing the impact accuracy.

The former technology turns the copper-colored shaft darker in tone when placed in a strike position. This camouflaging feature helps the player to focus on the driver’s head alone by concealing the shaft from view, thereby providing a perfect backdrop to make the accurate hit.

Moving on, the second technology helps by adding an adjustable 2.0 hosel in the driver. Skillful in modifying the loft angle (+-1°) this feature allows greater control over the impact and the consequent trajectory line.

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  • Tungsten Sole Weight

One of the main areas of concern when creating a good quality golf club is to balance the center of gravity (CG) against weight.

Thus the G400 in using 7 grams of high-density tungsten manages to reduce and balance the precision weight of the head effectively. This, in turn, drives the gear’s CG towards the lowest and deepest coordinates possible, thereby generating the maximum stability and forgiveness.

Consequently, the reduced weight also raises the driver’s moment of inertia (MOI) up to 20% (counting both heel to toe and low inertia) thereby beating the industry’s 9000 barrier mark successfully.

  • Dragonfly Design

In shifting and lowering the CG towards the back, there is no greater solution than reducing the club’s head weight. Hence Ping does exactly that in the G400 through the introduction of the new dragonfly technology.

In crafting the design, the company cleverly shaves off the weight just above the “ball-club” impact surface, thereby engineering the crown to come off in ultra-thin sections. With the least dense point measuring only up to 0.43mm in length.

Conforming to the dragonfly design, the G400 endorses a rounder shape (known as ‘Infinity Edge’) towards the crown’s edge. This not only increases the aesthetics but also maximizes the MOI and CG balance of the gear.

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  • Aerodynamics

Ping is one of those brands which take their aerodynamic specifications very seriously. So when it came to the new G400, they improved the dynamics in the said aspect in two ways.

First, by using the streamlined dragonfly technology, the model succeeds in dropping the drag force by almost 15%. Second, by utilizing the well-defined turbulators positioned strategically at the front of the crown.

Turbulators greatly facilitate aerodynamic function by decreasing friction and establish an effective airflow system over the gears head.

Braced together with the former, both feature moves on to increase the speed of the driver’s head as well as guarantees large distance coverage.

Ping G400 Review (Expert Video Review)

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you visualize a clear picture of the Ping G400 driver, I have come up with the following question-answer round.

  1. Is the Ping G400 a USA Brand?

Yes. Ping is a family-owned golf fittings manufacturing company based in the USA.

  1. What does the Ping G400 driver package consist of?

The driver comes with a projective headcover along with a left or right 10.5° flex graphite shaft.

  1. What material is the driver made of?

The G 400 endorses a multi-material structure with the head made of titanium T9S+ material. Whereas, the precision balanced weight is achieved by high-density tungsten.

  1. How much distance can be expected to cover per shot?

It really depends on the swing skills of the user. That being said, it is estimated that with average swing speed, one can easily make do a distance of 5 yards per shot.

  1. Is Ping a good brand to choose from?

Ping falls within the top 6 golf club manufacturers in the world. This indicates that the brand has its own charms and capability to compete, attract, and cater to different client needs.

Who Is This Product Designed for?

  • Ideal for beginners who don’t have much idea about the game.
  • Perfect for intermediate players as maximum forgiveness allows rookies the chance to hone their skills over time.
  • The faster speed, improved aerodynamics, and other incorporated technologies serve the professionals a chance to attain a game advantage.

Final Verdict

In concluding my review, I would say that the Ping G400 has more brownie points towards its merit than demerits.

Although the price could be considered as a deterring factor, here I would like to point that given the budget meter the gear tends to return a lot as well.

From innovative technologies, maximum forgiveness, improved aerodynamics, increased flex, faster speed, tungsten backed weight, thinner titanium head, to the deepest and lowest CG, you name it and the G400 gives it all!

But as always, the final decision lies parallel to your personal benefits.

Hence my friendly advice? Choose wisely!

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