What is Difference between Golf Rangefinders and Hunting Rangefinders?

Many people want to know, what is difference between golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders? The reason behind it they want to save some bucks by using one rangefinder for both golf & hunting.

That is why we are going to share the differences & similarities between golf rangefinders & hunting rangefinders. It helps you to choose the right rangefinder that is suitable for golf & hunt. But using one rangefinder in both games has some limitations. So, to choose the right rangefinders read the article.

What is a golf rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a powerful device that throws a laser beam when a golfer presses a button. It uses the laser beams returning time to calculate the distance between the golfer & target. It also calculates the angle, obstacles to make the measurement accurate.

What is a hunting rangefinder?

It is a device that throws a laser to the target & calculates the time that requires for the laser to come back to the user. It helps to calculate your target distance from you to make your shot accurate.

Now it makes you more confused, right?  As both golf rangefinders & hunting rangefinders provide similar features, people think these two devices are the same. But unfortunately, it is not the same. Yet the basic functionality is similar, but golf rangefinders & hunting rangefinders have some differences too. Now we will talk about the difference between a golf rangefinder & a hunting rangefinder.

What is difference between Golf Rangefinders and Hunting Rangefinders?

  • Golf rangefinders have more magnification power than a hunting rangefinder.
  • Golfing rangefinders come with a carry case, but hunting rangefinder provides a lanyard hole.
  • Golf rangefinder provides better glass than hunting rangefinders.
  • Maximum hunting rangefinder is waterproof, but most golf rangefinder is not waterproof.
  • Golf rangefinder can give you more accurate data for measuring targets than hunting rangefinder, even its low budget.
  • The golf rangefinder is a cheap model that also comes with long battery life than hunting rangefinders.  So, golf rangefinders are a more convenient option for long hour’s plays for the budget customer.

But if you buy a high-end model, in that case, you don’t face battery issues or accuracy issues both in golf rangefinders & hunting rangefinders.  Expensive models are ideal for Multipurpose.

Can I use one rangefinder for both golf & hunting?

Yes, you can use one rangefinder to use in golf & hunting. In that case, it is better to use golf rangefinders in both fields to get a better result. Earlier, we already mentioned low budget model of hunting rangefinders has some limitations & issues. Despite this, golf rangefinders can give better magnification ability. That is why you should pick a golf rangefinder for multi-activities.

How to choose the best rangefinders for both golf & hunting?

You should consider some factors while buying rangefinders to make it ideal for both golf & hunting. Look at the below factors to find the best rangefinders.

·        Distance measurement mode

You are using rangefinders to calculate the target distance from you. Golfer uses the first target mode to find out the nearest target distance.  Golf rangefinders skip environmental obstacles such as trees, other golfers & animals to return precise results.

Hunting rangefinders come with distant target mode. It calculates target distance by skipping the distractions such as brushes, trees, etc.

So using a hunting rangefinder for gold can miss the entire flagstick. Besides, a golf rangefinder can also calculate target distance from a brush instead of a deer.

That is why you need a rangefinder that provides near & distance modes to give you precise calculations both in golf & hunting. Some good laser rangefinders brands bring a high-end model that provides both near & distance mode. You can set the mode depending on your activity. Gogogo Sport VPro can be a good choice for multi-purpose use.

·        Display

Golf range finders & hunting range finders both provide a display. Some model comes with LCD display, whereas some come with LED display. Both LED & LCD has their pros & cons.

Most of the time, we play golf during the day, but we go hunting in the early morning to twilight. Led display is best for days when the sky is cloudy. Also, LED is excellent for hunting when day hours end. You can easily balance the brightness to clearly see the result.

But when you want to hunt at night, LED light is not effective at all. So, you can pick a rangefinder that contains an LCD screen with a backlight. It will help you to hunt at night & also perfectly play golf in the daytime.

·        Waterproof

Both hunting and golf are played in open areas. So you should need a waterproof rangefinder to make your purchase worthy. It is common to get some rain accidentally. So, you should buy a waterproof rangefinder to avoid unwanted issues.

·        Features

A golf rangefinder offers some basic features such as club recommendations, swing rate, distance calculator, etc.

On the other hand, hunting rangefinders provide long yardage ranges & refill with previous ballistic data.

As you want to use one rangefinder in both games, you should expect all the features in one device, right? But unfortunately, it is not possible to get all the features in one rangefinder. You need to sacrifice some basic features to save money.

Final Thoughts

We try to give an informative answer on What is the difference between golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders. We hope this answer will help you to remove your confusion. We try to give a guide to choose the best rangefinders for both golf & hunting.

If you are looking for a dual-purpose rangefinder, you can follow the tips. It will help you to choose the best budget rangefinder to improve your skill. But if you want all the basic & advanced features of golf & hunting rangefinders, it is better to buy two different rangefinders.  You can’t get everything in one rangefinder. Some limitations are very common when you want to use it in multi-activities. So, let’s buy the best rangefinders & boost up your performance.

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