Why Do Golfers Wear Two Shirts When They Play Golf? (Clothing Guide)

A pro golfer maintains some restricted rules in what to wear in a golf game. It is a trick & strategy to focus on golf & be comfortable with shots. A beginner golfer is curious to know why do golfers wear two shirts when they play golf?

Well, we will answer this question & share a complete guide on what to wear in golf to improve your golfing experience. So, if you are a golfer, then jump to the article.

Why do golfers wear two shirts when they play golf?

When you play golf in tournaments, you need to follow some dress code. Wearing two shirts is also accepted in the dress code. Besides, it helps golfers to adjust to different weather conditions.

In extremely cold weather, wearing two or more shirts is helpful to cope up with the cold. When the sunrise starts & you feel warm, a golfer can easily remove the outer shirts. It helps to swing perfectly with heavy shirts. So it is actually a trick to improve your golfing performance.

Clothing Rules & tips for golf

A golfer needs to choose a thin material as their dress. It helps to enjoy mobility & flexibility in the time of the swing. The material that helps golfers to rotate & turn in the swing is ideal for golfers. The fabric should have the power to regulate with golfer’s body temperature. Because you need to play golf for long hours. So, you have to face different types of temperatures.

Choose the right material to adjust to different obstacles weather. Most golf clubs have a strict dress code. So, if you want to play golf, then let’s explore the basic rules for golf clothing.

  • Avoid t-shirts: You must notice that pro golfers wear collared shirts in time of playing. This is because most golf courses or clubs have strict rules for wearing collared shirts. Men & women both can wear collared shirts in golf. You can also wear two shirts or more than two depending on your choice & weather.
  • Never wear Jeans: The golf dress code is not allowed for jeans. You should wear khakis or golf slacks to attend the club or golf course. The color & fabric you can choose based on your preference. But make sure the pant contains belt loops. Because you need to wear the belt during golf playing. Moreover, it is not wise to wear slacks with cuffs. It has a high chance of saving sand & causing injury. So, you can skip it.
  • Shorts: You can wear shorts but make sure the length is not too short. Your shorts need to be above the knee. It is applicable both for men & women. Besides, it is important to avoid tight shorts. Moreover, it requires to contain belt loop like pants.
  • Shoes: You need to wear specific golf club shoes while playing golf. This type of shoe comes with soft spikes that are convenient for golf. You can choose any light color shocks or match with pants.
  • Colors: The clothing color you choose needs to be light & smoothing. It is because bright & vivid colors can distract you. So, you can choose mild & simple colors during golf.

These are the basic clothing rules for golf players.  You need to follow these tips to make your golf playing experience outstanding. Remember showing respect to rules is also a part of the game.

How to prepare for hot summer days?

When you need to play golf at a high temperature, some extra precautions are a must.

  • This first & most important thing is to protect yourself from sunlight or UV-ray. You can apply for SPF protection & choose a light color dress to avoid sunburn. Moreover, you can wear sunglasses & a hat to avoid skin damage.
  • You can also bring a wet towel to wipe your face & neck. It will give you comfort & refreshment. This is a secret trick to regulate your body temperature.
  • Don’t forget to bring water bottles to avoid dehydration. As you play in hot weather, sweating is a common fact. So you need to intake fluid to maintain proper hydration.

How to prepare for Rain

When you play golf in the rainy season, you should prepare yourself for sudden rain.

  • You can use a rain cover for golf clubs.
  • Choose waterproof golf shoes.
  • Keep extra shirt to avoid wet shirt.

This preparation will make it easy to avoid massive chaos in sudden rain. You can keep yourself protected & finish the game for that day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are jeans not allowed in golf?

Jeans are manufactured with denim materials that cause overheating, which makes golf playing challenging. Besides, it is bulky & shapeless that making golf swing difficult. That is why jeans are prohibited in golf.

  • What is the dress code for a golfer?

You need to maintain a collared shirt, light color, golf shoes, shorts, or slacks. That is a basic dress code for a golfer.

  • Why do golfers wear belts?

Wearing belts helps to make khakis or slacks right fitted & comfortable. That is why you need belts during golf playing.

  • What should not wear in golf?

In a time of playing golf, you can’t wear denim, cargo shorts, jeans, sweatpants, yoga pants, or a vivid color dress. You should also avoid pants with cuffs that increase the chance of injury.

  • Wearing two shirts is helpful to play golf?

Yes, wearing two shirts helps to adjust to the temperature in different weather, especially at the beginning of winter. Besides, It also helps to make a perfect golf swing with the club.

Final words

Now you know why golfers wear two shirts when they play golf. It is a part of golf preparation & improves performance. Especially it is helpful for cold weather.

Well, maintaining outfit rules with every weather condition is a strategy to improve your golfing skill. You can remind the wearing rules to make playing easy & comfortable.

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